Scam 1992, one of the greatest scams in the financial sector of India, web series which is gaining wide appreciation among the viewers which is directed by Harshad Mehta,” must watch “rating to the show based on Harshad Mehta and Twitter has also assigned it under a must-watch series.

IMDB rates it 9.6, for this web series set in 1980 and 90’s Bombay. This is followed by the life of Harshad Mehta stockbroker who alone brought the stock market into The height and Cass tropic downfall the series is based on journalist Debashis Basu and Sucheta Dalal book this cam.

The scam came to be known as a security scam and estimated around 3500 cards. Almost all investors lost pennies which they invested in the scam involving bank receipts to manipulate stock prices.

Mehta used to get funds from the banks which we used to artificially inflated the prices of the stock.

 Here’s a quick look at the main players in Mehta’s story.

1.Pranav Seth- Jay Upadhyay Ketan Parekh of a former stockbroker who works for Mehta form and was involved in the scam and is also a chartered accountant

2. Sucheta Dalal- played the role of author and journalist who was working with Times of India investigated the 1992 stamp a Padmashree receive and a co-author of the book “The scam” from the web series has been taken when to investigate and report on the several high-profile frauds, financial cases including and Enron scam, the Industrial Development Bank India scam, Ketan Parekh scam in 2001.

3. Debashis Basu co-author of the book the scam and the husband of Sucheta Dalal currently running a magazine on investment money life.

4. Manu Mundra- infamously known as “Black Cobra “the character Manu Mundra is based on the life of kingpin of 80 stock market is never booked in the stock market scam and none of the verified images is available.

5. Maheshwari- A businessman and investor Radha Kishan Damani and the founder of DMart he was linked to both Manu and Harshad Mehta and quit the stock market in 2000 today the money is India 2nd richest.

6.Rakesh- king of the stock market the void that Harshad Mehta as a rest and down for it created on the stock market was taken over by Rakesh.

7. Ram Jethmalani- lawyer and former Rajya Sabha member Mithilesh Chaturvedi plays the late Ram Jethmalani role who headed the legal team defending Mehta.


  • Harshad Mehta -playing a role- Pratik Gandhi as lead won over critics and Mars is well known for his brilliant performance.
  • Ashwani Mehta- playing role -Hemant Kher brother of Harshad Mehta stock broker of Mehta’s firm
  • Jyoti Mehta-  playing the role- Anjali Barat Harshad Mehta wife in 2014 she would be a Mumbai-based broker who wrote 6 crores 1992 and won the case in 2019.

There was a look at all the players in the series and their real-life counterpart 1992 scam.

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