If you keep criticizing yourself in the head, this one is for you!

Criticizing yourself, So many of us are under the perspective that it’s okay to criticize ourselves in our heads. But really, is this okay? While most of us wake up to ‘OMG, I look so bad today!’ ‘Why am I so ugly?’ We fail to understand that this is not being ‘humble’, it’s degrading.

In other words, such baseless conversations in your head can make you re-think about your capabilities and the things around you. This will make you feel less satisfied with your daily life and demean your individuality.

Criticizing isn’t just limited to one’s physical characteristics. When I talk about criticism, I mean everything. LITERALLY EVERYTHING! Whether it’s about performing poorly in an exam or being laid-back in your job or merely because you chose 1 hour of leisure after 6 hours of hard work. Although the whole idea of this might seem normal to half the population reading this, it is actually so unlike that.

You are your only cheerleader!

So, what is the solution to it? Just stop criticizing yourself? Only if it was so easy! As a matter of fact, it is not just the criticizing that you need to discard from your life.

You must treat yourself as your best friend. Someone who admires who you are, adores what you feel and loves who you want to become. Inspire yourself to become a better version of yourself, but don’t belittle the older version. Love every part of yourself just as you are. Allow yourself to ignore the flaws and cherish the imperfections – after all, you are human, not GOD!

Criticizing yourself, Another incredible means to break out of this negativity is to stop comparing yourself with others. If you are someone who constantly feels ‘she has everything better than mine’, give up this feature forever. It will surely make a difference!

Follow your heart and let the rhythm change your life, for once and for all!

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