I Feel Old Now (and I’m only 16)

Old 2020 has been a rollercoaster year for all of us. Time has felt slower than usual and even though it’s been just a couple months since we’ve been locked down, it feels like it has been years. So here are some movies that got really old this year to make you feel like you’ve lived longer than you already have-

1. Hera Pheri- This hilarious, gem of a movie is turning 20 this year. And boy has it done well. It is still a very popular film, Old and Hera Pheri references are not uncommon. After all, making
good movies is Baburao ka style.

2. Dil Chahta hai- Dil Chahta hai is considered to have been a groundbreaking film that changed the course of Bollywood. It revolves Old around Akash, Sameer, and Sid. It’s a film about growth and friendship and also gave us beautiful songs to use to appreciate our friends. It’s turning 19 this year!

3. Koi Mil Gaya- The first installment Old of the Krrish series came out 17 years ago and introduced us to Jadoo, our favorite alien of all times. This movie has been a source of joy for so many children and it gave us all new appreciation for Bournvita. And you’re kidding me if you say you can’t hear ‘Om om om om’ in the exact same tune from the movie.

4. Munna Bhai MBBS- The first part of the franchise that gave us characters like Munna and
Circuit and meme templates like Old ‘zaruri hai kya?’ is now about 17 years old.

5. Dhoom- The movie series that follows people pulling kinda cool heists off right under
Abhishek Bachchan’s nose started 16 years ago. It gave us the Abhishek Bachchan- Uday
Chopra duo and some pretty cool songs over the years.

6. Don- 2006 The movie Old Don, directed by Farhan Akhtar was a remake of an older film with the same name. The film starred Shah Rukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra, and Om Puri amongst others. It was nominated for many awards, and to this day, fans pester Farhan Akhtar to come out with the third part of the franchise.

7. Om Shanti Om- Deepika Padukone’s Bollywood debut, Om Shanti Om, came out 13 years
ago. Think about it, you’ve been seeing Deepika on-screen for 13 whole years now. The
movie followed Om, a junior artist who falls in love with a big-name actress, Shanti. He then
avenges her death when he is reborn as a superstar 30 years later. Now I haven’t seen this in
very long, but 10-year-old me loved this movie and all its songs are absolute bangers, fight
me. Literally nobody could’ve guessed it’s been 13 years since this came out this is blowing
my mind; if this is what is true, toh sach hai kucch bhi nahi.

8. Rab Ne Bana di Jodi- I just realized the last 3 movies are Shah Rukh Khan films, but I promise that was not a conscious decision. 12 YEARS SINCE WE FOUND OUT ABOUT THE BEST

9. 3 Idiots- It’s going to take me longer to process the fact that this came out 11 years ago than it took me to process the definition of a book. 11 years.

10. Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahaani- This movie came out 11 years ago. What.

11. Band Baaja Baraat- It’s been 10 years since Band Baaja Baaraat was released, and it only feels like yesterday we were doing that hand thingy to the Ainvayi Ainvayi chorus (you know it). Also, Ranveer Singh has been an actor for 10 years?

If you don’t feel like you’re old enough to have to get your passbook updated tomorrow, my
Instagram id is @joshi.lavanya Y’all can hit me up I’m not going to suffer alone.

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