DARSHANI DEVI, “Age, condition or opportunity isn’t a barrier when your heart is set at a good path” has been proved right by an 82-year-old war widow, who donated an amount of 2 lakhs to PM Cares Fund, recently. After losing her husband to one war Darshani Devi happily and selflessly gave up her life savings of 2 lakhs for another war, this time against a deadly communicable disease because she valued doing her part during the struggle more than anything else. She lost her husband who was a havaldar in the Indian Army in the 1965 war, which itself is a sacrifice very few of us can imagine. Darshani Devi is a resident of a small village in Uttarakhand and according to reports she took help from local authorities to transfer her money to PM Cared Fund. What is remarkable here is first, she was not daunted by the fact that she is from a small village. Secondly, she never thought about the personal gains that the amount could provide and determined the fight against COVID-19 to be more important than her personal comfort.

A 82 year old woman donates 2 lakhs-NewsORB360

This is a lot to say considering even the most affluent people cannot see beyond their whims and inconveniences. Chief of Defense Staff, General Bipin Rawat acknowledged and appreciated her donation and said, “We are proud of Shrimati Darshani Devi. Many of us need to follow the fine example she has set.” He added “If we cannot contribute let us at least pay our taxes and not find means to avoid them” India currently records to have almost 86,000 COVID-19 cases with approximately 3000 deaths. This war is a long gone and it would require patience, effort, and kindness in order to win it. With our doctors being at the frontline, followed by several department police, bankers, railway, electricity board, we need to sincerely play our parts too.

Our biggest contribution to this struggle is strictly abiding by the social distancing norms and donating to PM Cares Fund. We must truly consider Darshani Devi to be our mentor in this struggle and follow her footsteps of generosity and selflessness towards a safer, happier world where humanity thrives beyond everything. Truly, not all angels have wings.

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