“Tough times”, it is said about for tough times, that no matter how bad it is or how long it may stay, it never goes away without making us teach and realize something useful and worthy. Likewise the coronavirus outbreak has taught us that there is nothing a human being can’t do if he believes in himself. And that is where humanity lies. In these difficult times when lakhs of people who are dependent on daily wages are suffering, organizations like The Foodlink Services and Lite Bite Foods are taking care of the daily meal diets of plenty in the commercial capital Mumbai and country capital Delhi respectively.

The company which owns popular restaurants like China bistro, India bistro, and global junction, is making sure vulnerable communities in Mumbai have access to wholesome meals with The Khichdi project. The project was launched on 30th march aiming at migrant laborers and daily wage earners, who are struggling to make it through this lockdown. The team is working through organizations like NESH (Nobody ever sleeps hungry), Jio Roti Bank, YMCA, and project Mumbai who are working at the grassroots level of the crisis. They are also working with the local authorities Like the Tehsildar’s office, the Land Survey office and the local police department to coordinate the distribution efforts.


The KHICHDI serves as the ultimate comfort food for many, each meal consists of a hearty serving. The humble dish made with nutrients from rice, pulses, vegetables, and spices is particularly healthy because it consists of simple carbohydrates that are easy to digest and provide energy for an extended period of time. The team also serves vada paw (the local street food) to communities intermittently.

So far the team has been feeding 25000 people each day and has distributed over 500000 meals in total.

The Khichdi project has reached to many and wants to reach out to more. To encourage and help the organization to do more you can contribute by logging into the website. (

The owner of the brands like Tres, Punjab grill, zambar, and shizusan – in New Delhi, the hustle doesn’t stop even though n a pandemic. The collective us had its kitchen open to cook and provide meals for those most vulnerable in this lockdown. A limited core team has been working in the kitchen to provide meals to shelter homes and essential service workers in Delhi. Menus are curated to provide a balanced and nutritious meal consisting of a standard 600 calories which includes common items like black chana curry, soya bean curry, vegetable Khichdi, white muttar city with steam rice and chapattis.


With the help of delivery services like swiggy and NGOs like Möbius Foundation has distributed more than one lakh meals so far. Along with prepared meals, they have also supplied ration kits to almost 4000 families in Delhi. A single ration kit is enough for a family of four for a week. Throughout the process, the company has taken all measures necessary to ensure the safety of its staff. Also following all the rules of social distancing. The core team is consisting of only seven people equipped with caps, gloves, masks, and hand sanitizer. The kitchen is cleaned twice a day and staff temperature is recorded and checked regularly.

The company urges everyone to do their bit and help the industry and the country to sail through these difficult times.

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