MOTIVATE YOURSELF, Depression is a very serious mental health disorder and is most common among teenagers and adults. Clinical depression is characterized by persistently depressed moods and an overwhelming feeling of emptiness, anger, loss of appetite, frequent mood swings, lack of interest in hobbies and activities, affecting the daily life of an individual immensely. It alone accounts for more than ten million cases per year in India.


With this fast life and arduous environment, toxic relationships, incessant demotivation, loneliness, heartbreaks and mishaps, lack of proper sleep, it is inevitable to be depressed oftentimes. Overcoming depression is not an easy job, the feeling of hopelessness one goes through is excruciating and life-sucking. People tend to become suicidal at times. They are in dire need of someone who understands them. Seldom it isn’t plausible. One must find the courage to beat depression when times get hard.

MOTIVATE YOURSELF, Here are some steps you can take and recommend :

  • Get some fresh air: Go out, explore. This world has a lot to offer you. Let your body rejuvenate and soak a lot of that vitamin D. Learn to see every insignificant yet beautiful thing blossoming quietly all around your precious existence.
  • Have a meal: Loss of appetite is a very common symptom. It’s very important to eat nevertheless. It doesn’t have to be a lavish full course meal, take a moment and a salad would do just fine. Just make sure you don’t lose your immunity and stamina.
  • Take a shower, do skincare: It may sound absurd but taking a long hot bubble bath may help in relieving your body of the stress its been put in. The lukewarm water helps in relaxing the tensed muscles and you’ll feel a lot better when you put in efforts and actually care about yourself.
  • Acknowledge yourself: Congratulate yourself on how far you have come and how much you have endured. It doesn’t even matter if there’s no one out there who takes pride in you, you should be proud of yourself for what you have overcome and learned.

MOTIVATE YOURSELF, Don’t rush the process, take a small step, a moment. It’s okay if you don’t feel good right away, try again another day. Open your heart, talk to your friends. Just never forget who you originally are and what are your aspirations. Stay optimistic and kind. You are valued, always.

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