Our body requires sleep. Getting a perfect is becoming more and more difficult these days. Sleeping late, being insomniac, waking up late are a few problems most problems people face. Our productivity for the next day is considerably reduced due to the lack of proper the night before. Our body also suffers as puffy eye bags and dark circles appear with the scarcity of sleep. The motivation to get stuff done and accomplishing tasks diminishes. Fortunately, there are multiple steps which will help you in getting a good night’s


Stock your essentials: Using a footwarmer, weighted clean bedsheets and a cooling mask can help a great deal in sleeping well. These products are designed for the sole purpose of granting you a sound sleep. The mattress also helps a lot. Experts suggest a soft mattress with the ability to keep moisture away will work fine.

Avoid caffeine and spicy food: Caffeine stays in the body for about 15 hours, interfering a great deal with your sleep. Research shows that coffee drinkers have more problems with sleeping than those who do not consume coffee. Consumption of coffee shouldn’t be done after lunch for a sound sleep. Limiting spicy food can help avoid indigestion and heartburn therefore aiding

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Don’t stress about waking up: If you’re continuously concerned about waking up at the right time or waking up in the middle of the night, then it might hinder your sleep. Experts suggest doing some exercise like solving puzzles and reading instead of lying waiting for slep, till one feels sleepy again.

Avoid alcohol: Opposite to the contrary belief about wine helping in sleeping (passing out), drinking alcohol right before bedtime may rob you of your senses and might make sleeping even more arduous. It also causes night waking and a feeling of restlessness, not to mention the unbearable headache due to the hangover.


Avoid TV, PC’s and smartphones: NYC doctor, Dr Janet Kennedy says that, “the brain listens and processes content even while we slep, which can interfere with slep cycles and compromise slep quality.” The harmful light SLEEP radiating from these devices also affects your eyes tremendously.

Health companies are also working and SLEEP releasing products aimed at better slep results. Care should be taken about taking meds for sleeping, and only under a doctor’s supervision. With a balanced diet and the right amount of slep, we can make our bodies, minds and lives better in general.

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