Most of KUNAL you will be aware of the recent war-like situation that emerged between the creators of the online video content platforms, TikTok and YouTube. The dispute arose when the our favorite desi Youtuber, Elvish Yadav made a video trolling TikToker’s for the cringe videos, they uploaded in the name of content creation. Replying to this TikToker, Amir Siddiqui, commenting on the video created by the YouTubers and how the Indian YouTube community just plagiarise content repeatedly. Amir triggered India’s roasting king, Carryminati as he also mentioned on the kind of videos he creates.

This sparked Carryminati aka Ajay Nager who has earned his fame for introducing the roasting culture in India. Although, Carry has posted videos previously trolling TikTokers, Carry posted a video titled ‘Youtube Vs Tiktok: KUNAL The End’ in which combined with his usual usage of cuss words, he went extra aggressive and brutally ripped the entire TikTok scene in India.

This marked the beginning of the fandom between both the platforms. Youtube fans went on to drop poor ratings to the Chinese application and its rating fell to 1-star KUNALratings while the fanbase of TikTok went on to report to Carry’s video which finally led to its deletion from the video content platform, Youtube.

This entire incident gained a lot of attention and was the hype in all digital platforms and in order to ride on this jetpack of attention from viewers, Leftist comedian, Kunal Kamra,
recently released a video titled “Aaja Beta Carry Teko Roast Sikhaye!” KUNAL trying to troll Carry’s style of roasting.

Karma attempted to teach Ajay on roasting without using rough words but his political ideologies overtook him and the video comprised more attacks on the Bharatiya Janta Party
and the Narendra Modi led the central government. Moreover, the annoying ohhhhhhhhhhh sound effects KUNAL also annoyed the viewers. But Carry’s fans were aggressive to react to the entire video posted by the comedian and it crossed 1.2 million dislikes in a single day. Many fans took to various social media platforms expressing their disappointment in the comedian’s video.
Fans were brutal and posted tweets like ‘Ab ghode ke race me gadhe bhi daudege’ and ‘Beta tumshe nah ho payega’.

Kunal responding to the dislikes he earned on his video said that Carry’s fan possesses the quality to start working with the BJP IT Cell in yet his one of the everyday attacks on the right-wing party.

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