In a major development in the recent controversy withdrawing salary from more than twenty-five institutions amounting more than one crore, the alleged teacher in question has come out and have put her statement accusing of some people misusing her documents to get the post of the teacher in Kasturba Gandhi Balika Schools across Uttar Pradesh and earn salary thereafter.

The woman has been reported to be Anamika Shukla, she is reported to have submitted her documents at the office of Basic Education officer of the Gonda district. She has also filed a complaint in the police station in lieu of the fore mentioned allegations. She was quoted stating, “I am the real Anamika Shukla,” adding that she made the public appearance after her name sprouted in news reports accusing her of drawing salaries from multiple schools.

Further, she stated that she had filed an application for the post of a science teacher in the Kasturba Gandhi Balika School in the Basti, Jaunpur, Lucknow, Mirzapur and Sultanpur districts but she hasn’t either appeared for counseling at this institutions and or of working at any of these schools. Affirming on the fact that  “real Anamika Shukla” hails from the Gonda district, Basic Shiksha Adhikari of the district confirmed the woman’s identity.

In conformity with a report by The Hindu, Ms, Anamika Shukla, have passed the Bachelor’s in Education in the year 2014 and the requisite eligibility test for being a teacher in the succeeding year. She is a resident of Kamrawan, Gonda. The entire scam unveiled after news sources intimidated about an incident where a lady, namely, Anamika Shukla was insinuated of taking up multiple posts as a teacher in various districts across Uttar Pradesh and her total payroll to be more than a whopping one crore rupees.

The government shifted to immediate action and ordered for a probe about the entire incident.
Satish Dwivedi. Minister of State for Basic Education, stated that Ms. Anamika’s document was found in the given districts, viz, Aligarh, Ambedkar Nagar, Amethi, Baghpat, Kasganj, Saharanpur, Prayagraj, Rae Bareily and Varanasi. It is reported that people were recruited for the post using the documents of ‘Anamika Shukla’, the identification process of the imposters is underway. One of these pretenders was arrested in the Kasganj district.

The recent updates are yet to have a reactionary statement from the officials.

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