How The Nazi Regime Still Haunts Thousands

Nazi Regime Still Haunts Thousands, Captain America, after 70 years in ice, and then years after being back, lived in the trauma of the events that led him there. And he was a superhero. So, it is obvious that normal people like you and me, who were the victims of the Nazi regime, still have nightmares about their lives in camps, regardless of the amount of time that has passed.


The Nazi regime broke a lot of families, stole a lot of childhoods, destroyed marriages, and ruined lives. The people forced into camps, drafted into armies, forced to kill their own still shudder when reminded of those times. So many saw gruesome sites- r*pe, murders, poisoning, torture, etc. and so many more had to endure it. The Star of David was cared on to people’s foreheads, they were beaten up and eviscerated. Many of them never saw their families again, never saw their friends again. They were dragged to camps, or paraded around, naked. So, we can, but imagine the amount of pain these people had to face.

A lot of people were successful in the sound of music-ing themselves out of the Nazi regime, but a countless number of people could not. So this article is in honor, and in support of everybody who had to face the brutality and consequences of the regime through no fault of their own.

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