How has COVID-19 affected the study abroad plans of Indian students?

Affected According to a survey, a month ago many students were excited and happy receiving their admission letters from the top universities across the world but now they are stuck within the walls of their houses following the COVID-19 outbreak.

Some of the students who haven’t started their sessions yet are planning to drop their plans to go abroad whereas others are still in a dilemma whether to continue their courses or not.

The COVID -19 virus is going affected to stay with us for a long time”-WHO, this statement has created a lot of panic on the students. As due to Covid-19 travelling across the world has been banned and also all the businesses are services across the globe have been halted for a while which has led to an economic downfall which also created pressure over the students and they are affected confused whether to continue or give up on their dreams.

According to a recent educational survey:

  • Only 4.2% of prospective affected students intend to cancel their plans to study abroad under the light of COVID-19
  • 2% of students who are returning home due to the pandemic intend to resume their studies at a later date.
  • 2% of students studying abroad would be interested in studying their program online instead.

Some of the students are not satisfied with the online courses and are feeling that all the money they spent to study abroad taking loans is in vain now. Similar concerns are being faced by Rashi Makhija a University of Liverpool student.

I am pursuing a masters degree and it is just an year-long programme. While the tutorials which have been moved online, digital learning kills the purpose of studying in a foreign university and paying such a hefty fee for which I’ve taken an education loan” – Makhija said.

‘CHEVENING’ has been working to provide affected top-class education to the students but the scholarships have been closed and will reopen only from August 2020 for opportunities to study in the UK in 2021/22.

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