STUDENTS Kota, as we all know is the coaching hub of the nation; accommodating as much as 25000 students from across 23 states of the country.

As the pandemic hit nation compelled the government to call for a lockdown, these students had to freeze wherever they were. But a second phase lockdown drenched their hearts and mental peace as staying away from STUDENTS their families for so long amid such disastrous situations was indeed too tough to bear. In need of help, the students took to twitter, sharing their grievances and issues along with making ‘send us back home’ as a trending hashtag.

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While some states agreed to bring the children back to their STUDENTS respective homes, there were still some who worried about mass spread due to travelers coming from a state which showed nearly 47 coronavirus cases.

Recently, 70 buses were sent from Maharashtra and 250 from Uttar Pradesh to rescue the students stuck in Rajasthan’s Kota.

Meanwhile, the Kota Administration and the coaching institutes played its part well enough to be taken into notice and be appreciated.

  1. Food and resources

As the students were already stranded at a place, the issue of proper STUDENTS and safe food aroused, bringing together suspicion in minds as they couldn’t guarantee the safety of food packages coming from vendors who go nearly every other place for deliveries, who might even come in contact with the virus and infect masses later.

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To sort this, the field was occupied by the Kota administration as they provided hygiene filled packaged food to students while keeping their safety and health in mind.

  1. Surrounding and Self Sanitation

The spread of this deadly virus can only be contained if regular and proper sanitation is maintained in the surroundings as well as with oneself. The coaching institutes made sure of the sanitation of places STUDENTS the students were accommodated in. Regular cleaning of areas and localities with disinfectants took place and students were educated on washing hands regularly and with certain other precautions to avoid contracting the virus.

  1. Contact with Parents

Parents were the most worried STUDENTS amongst all. And children made sure to be in contact with them to keep their parents updated on their situation at all times.

As per the students staying there, video calls served as a boon to them while they were away from their parents as it gave a sense of satisfaction to both parties on either side of the screen. Even the coaching institute’s faculties took initiative in easing out parent’s stress by assuring them of their children’s well being at the place.

  1. Available Help Centre(s)

Rooms where once hundreds of student clusters was witnessed, now had turned into COVID-19 health centers.

The coaching institutes laid a helping hand to the administration through transforming classrooms as available help centers amid pandemic, liberating awareness and precautions to the population.

  1. Care about Social Distancing

The institutes took care of the social distancing guideline provided by the government by allotting single rooms to as many students as possible. Even while traveling on buses, they made sure every student had a mask and a sanitizer handy with them.

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