How Covid-19 Affects Jobs

Covid-19 Affects Jobs, Aside of the obvious health and psychological effects of Coronavirus, and not that there’s a lack of them, people’s careers too are at stake now. Unemployment has increased almost 5-fold and are still on an upward move. The rate of unemployment is also increasing rapidly. Even people all over India are receiving only parts of their salaries, if they’re lucky enough, that is.

Many companies have ignored the Prime Minister’s request to not fire employees or cut their pays. People are being forced to quit, take indefinite unpaid leaves, or even early retirements with next to no pay. Many are receiving significantly less pay than usual even though their workload has doubled since the lockdown has begun.


Covid-19 Affects Jobs, The IT industry is suffering, and so is the manufacturing industry, with decline in demand of things that are not deemed ‘essential’. This is because there seems to be no end in sight for when these pay cuts stop and hence, they need to act frugally.

Nobody can predict when this crisis will end, when things will go back to normal. But the people are crying out loud for help to save their jobs or for them to receive some form of compensation to remain afloat.

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