healthcare pollution
healthcare pollution
healthcare pollution

How is health gets affected because of pollution? POLLUTION:

Yes, the most noticeable social issue that we can able to peer very easily and from which we also suffer, in various means is environmental pollution. Most of the means are just created by humans, I suppose. Because even though we get affected by natural disasters, most of the issues are just uprooted by man.


Improper disposals. Small factories near people’s dwellings.
Air pollution is a common issue we face today just because of factories, industries, etc. The people who own these companies must follow the rules and regulations given to them by the government because, only if they permit a weakened system, it would affect normal people like us. I have even seen, small factories which are just being set in the village where people live in. Just because of it, people who have their dwellings around it seemed to be suffering, as they couldn’t get proper and pure air, then think the life of birds and animals.
There are some proper areas where it should be set and preventive measures should be followed to deplete the percent of outgoing smoke air. Because of uneven habit, the released gases not only affect the growth and yield of trees and plants, but also the health of human beings as they get to inhale such air. It is so noticeable that just from infants to older people, everyone is just easily prone to cold, cough, wheezing, asthma, pneumonia, lung cancer, and other respiratory infections and problems, which could not be treatable as a whole. It not only causes respiratory infections but also leads to stroke, cardiac arrest, and much more diseases.

Acid rain

The reason behind acid rain is also because of the emission of poisonous gases like sulfur, nitrogen, etc..and automobiles. This acid rain affects our environment, human health, and even the lives and population of birds and animals. As the acid rain would run into seas and lakes, the well-being of aquatic animals and plants would also seem to be affected. The forest trees, plants, and vegetation health and development would also get collapsed. The architectural works would also reach the same thing because of varying chemical reactions that would take place.
On the other hand, it also affects the texture and the ph level of the soil. Thus the microorganism which is adapted gets affected.


Improper of wastes
Soil or land pollution is also the other most prevalent issue. Our mother earth though has provided everything we need, we people continuously destruct our nature with or without any intentions. It is very much important for us to maintain a healthy nature so that we could get benefited from that. So don’t pollute our soil, try not to use plastic covers. As plastic covers don’t get degradable in the soil, it creates much danger in our life as it would get dumped in certain places. It is better to use biodegradable products instead of non-biodegradable ones to avoid soil pollution. Agricultural waste, and industrial disposals, are also the factors by which it is created. When these wastes are dumped into the soil, surely there would be an affectation on the growth and also on the yielding process for the farmer. Especially the fertilizers, and pesticides which they use to enhance the growth of plants affects the other way. The fruits and vegetables which we get from it would be also affected by it and that’s why people would get intestinal problems, headaches and it would also weaken the nervous system, and creates other problems which are just related to skin diseases like acne, irritation in skin and eyes, hives, skin cancer, etc… It affects our immune system deeply such that people could easily get suffered because of terminal problems which would be like chronic diseases.


It is better to follow the rules given to a certain field and the people who violate should be punished severely to stop such kinds of nuisances in our environment. Let us start to cooperate to save our mother earth from being affected by any disaster that would cause because by man.

Josephine Shalini S

III rd yr BA Eng

Bishop Heber College, Trichy, Tamilnadu.

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