Haunted places in urban India

A haunted tale often intrigues most of us the element of something Spooky that we may or may not see but can feel its present Izzat thought that is both thrilling as well as scary but things take a different on when the story gets two real haunted Tales of fun to hear and the great to watch but what if that is true and something looking around and making its present friend to us as mysterious come on let’s check out some haunted places.

1.kuldhara -Rajasthan, Rajasthan was one of the India’s top tourist destinations for Indians as well as for energy by most people come here to admire the royal palaces and architecture force sports many are also integrate by this stories of the Supernatural that do the nouns a local with them a small amount and story stumble out of the bag if you have done Royal tour of Rajasthan visit Jaisalmer this time to admire the hauntingly beautiful Kuldhara village this village is maintained by Archaeological Survey of India and store it is quite well known a quite point village that looks spectacular in the day turns into the world’s Nightmare at night the story of why this happened is equally chilling this abandoned village over 200 years old but you can find houses and temples near perfect condition even today about 200 years ago a fateful night The villages of Kuldhara belong to the the brahmins community to leave their homes living behind their land and property if you are wondering what foods them to do so here are some points this story involves a beautiful Prime Minister who was rumoured to be even more powerful than local king he served Salim Singh who is called zalim Singh for the brutalities committed was also in famous for his debauchery his tax collection methods were not fair and citizens were fed up of his ways one fine day I have some me Salim Singh fell off on the beautiful daughter of kundara village chief so mesmerize hi with her beauty that he declared into his in intentions to marry her the brahmins were horrified by the proposal but , no matter the powerful Prime Minister had threatened the levy heavy taxes On The villages not having much of a choice the villagers decided to pack the belongings and leave overnight some people from Delhi is paranormal society state have one night cared up with their equipment to record any Paranormal Activity after spending 12 hours hair not only did the record unusual activity on the devices suggesting the presence of spirits in the area some of them also spotted shadowy figures in the night and were trapped on the shoulders by someone whom no one was really around some spirits also revealed that their name to the members of society please to consider just as to the story of colder and the villagers lines abandoned to this very day told you come here in the day to see ruins and slick photograph but no 1-2 stay this Ghost Town post sunset.

2.Bangalore International Airport hub of the country which is also known as for its please in climate and budding startup companies here are some Spooky stories to tell stories of The Haunting at Bangalore airport started one night when one of the highlights of an approaching a graph for a woman wearing white saree standing on the Runway they are the airport staff to take off her away thinking she was lost but as soon as someone got there she disappeared but the Pilots are not the only one source for this mysterious lady on the many other employees later reported this woman in other parts of the airport to the scare the lid in the white crew to such an extent that many workers were in the cargo department refused to take up night shift as they often found something array in the building which was with away from the main airport building Thora 30 and the air traffic control the night the presence of any Ghost on the premises but those who saw it had different stories to tell the matter has died down now but those who know about this story I cannot help but wonder if the claims of a lid in a white the late night from Bangalore International Airport.

3.Malcha Mahal Delhi-  Delhi is home of a number of haunted places like the Sanjay 1 the cantonment area Agrasen Ki Baoli and Feroz Shah Kotla and many others were given by the government to princess Bhilai Mahal it was a hunting lodge built by Firoz Shah Taluk princes property was seized by the better than she was homeless Bittu of kids he fought with n and government to get URL and back but nothing happened the real story of these two humans have survived there for so long that place that does not have any electricity water supply and is surrounded by trees in a forest is chilling there is only black roof and the other border sometimes goes out in his bicycle to buy food supply it ok to No 1 and there is a board out and marginal that clearly States the three passes will be shot down being a restricted area and no one goes there.

4.Raj Kiran hotel, Lonavala – when you think of a picture is green represent weather and a cup of coffee on the plate of some snacks correct?

Sadly, this best we can get it doesn’t have a Spooky tale of its on get talking about Raj Kiran Hotel that occupies a spot in the main city of Lonavla several guest welfare and have narrated weird experience while all may not be able to place a finger on what they felt the feeling of being involved in presence of someone or something in the hotel room escape many awake at night this is one specific room and Kiran Raj Kiran hotel on the ground floor next to the reception this is the norm that is believed to be haunted after several gas complaint about the hotel the hotel staff decided to lock it down and never end it out on the other it was that stood out people out and this from so blood like me and their fleet in the night while some felt was watching even there was no one in the room some felt that someone was pulling their bedsheets and when they woke up there was no one present there this is what really happened in hotel there is something Spooky if you are brave enough to find some more you can check in to Raj Kiran Hotel the next time when you are in Lonavala and you can experience better in the field of haunted life.

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