Hathras Case: Digging Deeper

Hathras Case, At the point when the decision of the death penalty for the 2012 Delhi assault (NIRBHAYA RAPE CASE)  came out, it gave an admonition message to the general public. The Hyderabad encounter of rapists by the police was celebrated by the residents. However, not many of those effective endeavours actually question those huge number of cases that frequently happens, so much so, that it has caused us to pose this inquiry each time a ruthless and heinous case comes up, for instance, the Hathras assault.  Has anything changed? Are women safe in our country? Do casteism and gender disparity still prevail in the 21st century? Furthermore, what could be done to prevent such crimes?

Among those many enrolled, there are numerous unregistered assault cases that happen each day, and among the few registered, which is again a huge number, half of them fail to get justice. Although social media has begun to create a huge impact, the #HathrasRapeCase enraged controversial debates on twitter and Instagram, resulting in media trials. Individuals using hashtags demanding justice, accusing the constitution,  scrutinizing the authorities and legislators, awareness has been created but with the increasing rape cases each day, things remain unaltered and unsettled.
  When asked about her opinions and sentiments regarding the # hathras rapecase, Mrs Onam Bharti, a data scientist in California said “the levels of horror is hard-hitting when gang rape cases on issues of caste and power statements on women happen, where my roots are. What can I do? I ask myself. Is there anything other than my anger and boiling blood running in my veins as I learn that everything that is wrong with such heinous crimes exists in one case? The bearer of all rotten issues in India such as power, corruption, casteism”
I agree with each word said above. So the question has been clearly answered by none other than Indians themselves, that casteism still exists in India, and each one of us is ashamed of it. Regardless of what the gender is, what the caste is, or what shall be the identity of those survivors is; the brutal crime is beyond that characterization. The pain is beyond any of those generalizations. But is the # hathras rapecase just another gangrape case or is it a hate crime?

Conversing with Saumya Jain a Delhi based Student about her sentiments in regards to the reason. She answered “I am intensely mindful of my benefit and accordingly I comprehend the sufferings of the terrible part of our general public, But each time I travel in DMRC the lofty Public vehicle administrations in our public capital, the eyes that gaze at me which ought to be embarrassed yet it frequents me, it frequents me when I venture out in the public capital at any hour

To comprehend the established outlook and mindset of the rural population of India, we have to dig in further. Something that hasn’t changed for quite a long time is on the grounds that we don’t focus on things that occur before us. Nine out of ten people have been assaulted either by someone known or some stranger because we, as a member of the society, have failed to teach our sons, brothers and fathers how to treat a woman. We have also been neglecting issues like sex education, self-defence and what not because we were busy defining a woman’s character on the basis of how she dresses. We decide not to recognise the issue since we have never figured out how to.

We regularly overlook those essential lessons and frequently neglect to impart such lessons among people in general. While expecting the government to take quick actions and to make effective laws so as to accomplish equality and equity, we ourselves fail to comprehend who are the main perpetrators behind all these egregious wrongdoings and what kind of a  mentality leads people to commit such heinous crimes.

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