Harry Styles says he is re-evaluating life

Harry In a recent interview with iHeartRadio’s Secret Sessions, famous singer, Harry Styles made a statement that he is still re-evaluating his life and the things that matter to him. The 26-year-old star singer went on to say that there are things that don’t make him happy and he is still understanding what he wants from his life.


Harry’s take on his life:

I’m very old now! I think you just re-evaluate things. And I think that happens at like several different points in your life. I don’t think it will be the last time that I re-evaluate what’s important to me. But I think you have moments where you go… I think it happens to everyone in different times of your life where you think you want something, and you get it and you go, ‘Oh, that didn’t make me as happy as I thought it was going to make me’,”

– Harry Styles.

In haste to explain himself better, he added,

“You kind of look for different things and I guess I just put a lot more emphasis on trying to find the balance and trying to do what makes me happy rather than trying to work out what I’m supposed to be doing. So that’s been great.”

His statements make it very evident that Styles is still on the verge of understanding his life better and settling his priorities. It was the sheer honesty of this singer that makes him stand out in Hollywood. Although Harry shot to fame very early in his life, he is still very confused as most of us are about our lives.


Even he says that he needs time to analyze the things that make a difference in life and those that do not. Meanwhile, we hope he re-evaluates his life at the earliest and continues to give us hit songs as always!

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