Harmful effects of hyper-parenting

Harmful Hyper-parenting, Parenting can be as tough as they say. Some parents tend to give superabundant attention and intervene a lot in their child’s life and control and manage every little aspect of their daily lives. This is known as hyper-parenting or helicopter parenting. Although this is done without any unfavourable intentions, it’s also true that hyper-parenting may be causing more harm to the children then helping them. It can have adverse effects like :

Prone to depression: Hyper-parenting causes Harmful the parents to guide their child in every minute thing. This thwarts them from realizing their talents and building recognizable self-esteem and potential. The peer pressure faced by the child formed by hyper-parenting can lead to depression if the expectations of the parents are not fulfilled by the former.

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Growing into an emotionally awkward being: Since hyper- parents are used to handling like every tiny little thing in their kid’s life, these children tend to become more taciturn and less independent. They lack self-confidence and are unable to form an opinion of anything just based on their conscience. Anxiety takes hold of them and they may feel socially and emotionally awkward when faced to the outside world.

Prone to diseases: Hyper-parenting limits the outdoor activities of a child. They’re usually expected to stay inside and play or study all on their own. Studies have found that children who live in such a sterile ambience are more prone to allergies and respiratory diseases like asthma. Parents might think that they’re just protecting their child, but they fail to realize that they, in fact, are doing the exact opposite.

Easy target for bullying: These kids are used to running up to their parent’s aid even if there’s a small discomfort or issue. They also fail in decision-making. Hence, these kids are robbed of their freedom and become easy targets for bullying because they fail in communicating properly with their friends owing to their isolation from them since long and the development of poor communication skills.

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Lowered physical activity: Hyper-parenting Harmful means lessened physical activity and depression-prone mindset. Since their overprotective parents don’t allow them to go out very often, these children are left far behind when it comes to physical health. This adversely affects their bone health and metabolism.

Parents must Harmful understand that by hyper-parenting their kids they’re not protecting them from harm, instead, they’re raising dependent individuals who lack self-confidence and question themselves at every point in their lives. Therefore parents, in this generation need to realize that they should give their children their share of freedom and let them make their own choices, with them always having their backs and supporting and correcting them whenever the need arises.

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