Hair Care for Monsoons to keep your Tresses Healthy and Rejuvenated

Hair Care, Monsoons are not exactly friendly for locks. The extra humidity in the air disrupts the chemical balance of the tresses, making it brittle and frizzy. Most people experience stickiness or excessive dryness. While the extra oil in the h air can cause fungal infections, dryness can cause dandruff and h air fall.

Let’s break down what should and should not to be done, such that your ha ir becomes as beautiful and nourished as the nature around us, during monsoons.

Don’t#1  Chemicals in the ha ir can adversely react to the moisture or acidic rainwater and disrupt the balance. The best way to protect your ha ir is to keep it natural. Avoid colour straightening or curling or chemical spas.Avoid sprays too.

Do #1 Use accessories- Not styling your h air using heat or colour does not mean you cannot style your hai r at all! Use those Bohemian scarves and colourful hats to protect and style your hai r! Going for complicated hairdos can lead to already weak and damp ha ir and lead to breakage. Keep it simple and highlight your creative streak.

Don’t#2 Shampoo contains chemicals which can dry out your ha ir and scalp. Dry hair means brittle frizzy ha ir and dry scalp is another name for dandruffs. We want neither. Also, the oil secretion from your scalp is the breeding ground for bacteria. It is important to choose shampoo which ismild (no sulphate, alchohol and parabens) and is anti bacterial.

Do #2 Condition your hair well! Keep those tresses silky and smooth by using enough condition. After a mild cleansing session, make sure you use conditioner to moisturize and unfrizz your hair.

Pro TipApply the conditioner generously on the ends of the hair. Do not apply conditioner on the scalp. Sebum secretion is already high during monsoon and conditioner on the scalp will just add chemicals and greasiness to the roots.

Don’t #3 Heat is harmful to hair. But the heat on weak and brittle hair is just suicide for your locks. During monsoons, avoid drying your hair with heat. It will only break it and make it frizzy.

Do #3 Stick to your towel, preferably the one of microfiber.  The cloth will soak and gently rinse off the water without damaging the hair.

Pro Tip- Do not comb or tie up your wet hair. The weak roots tend to break easier when humid. Let it dry before combing. Use a wooden comb, preferably. Also, not drying the roots will inevitably lead to bacterial infections on the scalp.

Don’t #4 Chemical laden, acidic rain water is absolutely harmful for the hair. Avoid going out during the monsoon. But that is not possible for all.  Try to cover your hair and not soak the rainwater.

Do #4 Even if your hair does get wet, make sure you wash off the rain water with tap water and condition it.

Pro TipUse cool water instead of warm to rinse your hair. The heat from the water will do more harm than good.

Some must do hair care tips

Hair masks- hair masks are a great way to rejuvenate dry and unhealthy hair. Avoid Chemical masks and go natural!

  • Banana mask is a proven solution to frizz! Banana and egg white mask cab easily heal the frizz and moisturize those damaged locks!
  • Aloe Vera mask is anti bacterial and hydrating. A nice mask of aloe vera and yoghurt can bring back the shine and soften your hair!

Oil massages-The easiest and simplest way to deal with rough and dead hair is warm coconut oil massage. It will supply nutrition, mild heat to the scalp that will enhance blood flow and improve the quality of the hair. Also a very good moisturizing element, coconut oil mask with return the glow to your hair.

Although the aforementioned hair care methods are very affective, remember what you intake is way more effective than what you apply from exterior. Therefore, remember to drink enough water and eat green leafy vegetables which will supply enough nutrients.

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