Green Tea or Black Tea!!!!

Green Tea or Black Tea, The very first thing that comes to our mind once we feel stressed, sleepy, confused or anxious is a cup of tea. It’s sort of a magic drink that reinforces our energy when we feel tired or lazy. Excluding the regular tea, teas that are very fashionable among fitness freaks are green tea and black tea.  Each tea comes back from the leaves of a plant. Leaves and top bloom of the plant are used in these teas. Both teas are known for their own benefits. If you are confused which one to choose then have a look at the article below.

So, here we go:-

  • Preparation

Green Tea or Black Tea, To build tea, the leaves are collected and dried up so warm by preparation in an exceedingly pan or are steamed away once being plucked. This prevents the leaves from obtaining oxidized, which maintains the flavour and colour of the tea. To make tea leaf, leaves are plucked and withered and then crumbled, curled, cracked and carven and left to oxidize before they’re hydrated. Then the enzymes within the leaves undergo chemical reaction and leaves seem darker and dark-brown in colour and that they get a stronger aroma and essence. So, inexperienced tea leaves are fully natural, whereas black tea leaves are soured and oxidized.

  • Benefits

Green Tea or Black Tea, Green tea is a good source of  EGCG, an inhibitor that fights vessel diseases. tea additionally helps to release waste and makes your skin glow. It increases your metabolism and boosts the performance of the immune system. Additionally, it’s less acidic as compared to black tea. Black tea has an amino acid,  L theanine, which might assist you to concentrate and relax. It decreases the strain hormones within the body once consumed in moderation. The tea works wonders for your heart health, however, is a lot of acidic in nature. Tea has theaflavins that shield the centre and blood vessels control blood glucose and steroid alcohol levels.

  • Caffeine

Green Tea or Black Tea, Green tea has less alkaloid than tea however the caffeine content conjointly depends on the plant, infusing strategies and preparation. One cup of tea has a simple fraction amount of caffeine as compared to a cup of coffee, whereas a cup of black tea has one third caffeine content. Caffeine stimulates our nervous system that refreshes the mood which is why black tea is more practical in increasing the response time and alertness.

  • Final

Green Tea or Black Tea, From all the points we discussed above it is clear that both the tea have similar benefits, methods of preparation but only one thing is different that is the level of caffeine present in each of them. If you want to boost the level of caffeine in your, then black tea is a better option. As I mentioned before it helps to stimulate the performance of our nervous system. But if you are looking for something healthy and natural then you should go for green tea. In case the level of caffeine doesn’t bother you then you can choose any one of them.

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