DAENERYS TARGARYEN ISN’T ACTUALLY DEAD, Now that the popular series Game of Thrones is over, fans all around have been concocting their own theories regarding the ending of the show, in the past few years. It should be noted that the Game of Thrones fandom was very disappointed with the death of a very formidable character, Daenerys Targaryen. Although the series is over for good, and no answers will be provided for the questions, fans are still busy analyzing the theories and posting them online.

The case in view is that fans believe Daenerys Targaryen (played by Emilia Clarke), who apparently died at the hands of Jon Snow (played by Kit Harrington) when he stabbed her in the last season, is actually alive and well. Strange enough, the theory is not very inconceivable for that matter.

Twitter fans have been speculating that after Daenerys is stabbed by Jon, Drogon (her son and a dragon), swoops in flying and takes her to someplace safe where she potentially survives, as reported by Cosmopolitan. The episode “The Door” in season 6 shows Tyrion Lannister and Lord Varys meeting with Kinvara, High Red Priestess from Volantis. She tells them that Daenerys is the “one who was promised” and she’ll be spreading that word. The theory stems from this particular episode.


It is quite obvious that the Priestess believed in Daenerys and would be willing to bring her back to life, just as Melisandre did with Jon Snow when he died in the Night’s Watch. Drogon was seen flying east as mentioned in the last season, it isn’t hard to guess that he was taking Daenerys to Kinvara in Volantis.

Many tweets have surfaced in which fans are speculating how Dany survived and is living a peaceful life in Essos right now. Emilia Clarke Emmy campaign manager, @daeneryschrist tweeted, “Drogon took Dany to Kinvara who resurrected her and now she’s living a peaceful life in Essos in a house with a red door and a lemon tree outside her window.”

Diehard Daenerys fans were very disappointed with the character’s death because they’ve been following on the character’s development since the start of the series and expected a different fate for her. Although it is also true that Daenerys Targaryen will continue to live forever in fan theories and fan’s hearts.

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