Google celebrates the legacy of Scottish Scientist Mary Somerville with a Doodle

The legacy of Scottish Scientist Mary Somerville has always been swinging on a star. But this February 2, Google braced the legacy of this outstanding writer, by providing an honour with a beautiful doodle. On the same day in the year 1826, a Physics research paper by the writer was read by the Royal Society of London, the UK’s National Science Academy.

That was the turning point in the life of Mary Somerville as her paper was the first to be written by a female and published in one of the most famous publications. If you want to give it a read, it’s active even today – here.

Early years of Somerville 

Mary Somerville was born in 1970 to a humble family where she mostly grew up helping her mother in household work and gardening.

Household on Google

At the age of 10, her father sent her to a boarding school hoping to provide her with a proper education which would give her the necessary assistance to establish herself.

As Somerville studied Mathematics and Science closely, she spent quality time in publishing her own research papers and scientific books. Her essay, The Mechanism of the Heavens and The Connection of the Physical Sciences are some of her most notable works that were featured on a large scale. Mary was a nature admirer and believed in independent learning. 

Google Doodle! 

Google replaced its usual layout with a doodle of Mary Somerville where she appears to be sitting against a table which is piled with books on one side and thought bubbles everywhere on top. This beautiful doodle succeeds in symbolizing her extraordinary service as a writer and the amount of expertise she has contributed to the field of science. 

Mary Somerville was indeed a notable figure of her era and she will always continue to inspire people through her talented works. 

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