China has been recently trying to assert its dominance over Hong Kong by implementing new laws in Hong Kong which takes basic rights from Hong kong which china disguises as “security laws”. This is not the first-time china has tried using its power to oppress a country and so recently the international community has seen the need for international cooperation to protect democracy in some nations against the assertive communist china

A new group has been formed with lawmakers from 8 countries and the EU parliament to tackle the issues. This inter-parliamentary alliance against china has been formed to encourage and coordinate responses between various countries against the current expansive ambitions of the people’s republic of china. In Britain, the group will be co- presided by the labor peer Helena Kennedy and the former conservative party leader Iain Duncan Smith. The other members of the group are Japan, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Australia, The European Union and the United States. The united state’s senators Marco Rubio and Robert Menendez are co-chairs as well.

China has been taking actions that violate basic human rights and have jeopardized global values to a great extent. This comes after the severing of relations between China and other global powers because of the Hong Kong issue, the origins of the coronavirus to the technology firm Huawei and the incarceration of Muslim minorities in the Xinjiang region. China recently accused the united states of pushing the two countries towards a cold war. China also gave a warning to the United Kingdom after it promises to grant citizenship to some of the Hong Kongers. China similarly has been making enemies all around the world and so it was a must for the international community to take action against the threat.

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