From where novel coronavirus originally came from?

originally Coronavirus originated from the Wuhan district of China has engulfed almost the whole world and is ravaging it continuously. European countries have turned into the crematorium. Conditions are not much better in subcontinents too. As per recent updates, more than 30 lakh people are infected from this deadly virus and more than 2 lakh people died. In such situations it becomes very originally important to trace the origin of this virus.


Scientists around the world are working day and night to unravel this mystery. Every single person wanna know its provenance. Various theories about Covid-19 have been circulating online since the early days of the outbreak. originally originally Here are these theories:

1. It is most likely to have originated from Hunan Seafood Market in Wuhan city where meat and wild animals are sold together because initially most of the people were found infected in this region.

2. Zho Lijian, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesman has repeatedly promoted the idea without evidence that coronavirus might have originated in the US and brought to Wuhan by the US army during a military exercise held in November in China.USA has slammed these allegations calling it baseless.


3. It is most likely to be spread from bats because this virus is found in these creatures who are the only mammals to fly. The Sun website has uploaded a video in which Chinese scientists are seen catching bats and taking their samples which would be then tested in the laboratory. Now the question arises- Is this virus originally transmitted directly from bats to humans or was there an intermediate host. While some researches have found that it was transmitted directly from bat to human others are of the opinion that a pathogen most probably pangolin acted as an intermediate host to carry it from bats to humans.

4. Two researchers, Botao Xiao and Lei Xiao have claimed that novel coronavirus has originated from a laboratory in Wuhan but these claims are without any evidence. Chinese govt. has been continuously denying such reports and claims.

No matter where it originated from but the whole world is suffering from its bad consequences. Seeing its horrific nature it has become extremely originally important to trace its source of origin to prevent such dangerous outbreaks in the future and most importantly to prepare vaccines which I think is the only need of this hour.

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