From mixing pints to roasting coffee: Tim Parry to introduce special edition for Llangollen

Up until 2013, barista Tim Parry was found mixing drinks, behind the counters of several pubs in Wales. Now, however, he is the owner of Mug Run a Coffee Roasting company based in the same town. In fact, it has become quite popular throughout Wales. So how did Tim go from pulling pints to setting up his own company?

Mr. Parry was always been passionate about coffee. In his leisure time, he would roast caffeinated beans for himself. “I’d roast the beans off a camping stove in the shed and pack them in the house,” Mr. Parry said. Soon, it struck him that he could turn his passion for coffee into a business. This is how ‘Coffee Mug’ came into existence.

What Makes Mug Run Special?

Tim Parry buys the coffee beans from London. These beans are brought back to Rhyl where they are roasted in a drum rotator, over a naked flame. Mug Run Coffee offers six specialty blends from Ethiopia, Honduras, East Timor, Sumatra, Rwanda, and Honduras Decaf. Over the past few years, it has also started supplying to many cafes in Wales and the neighboring areas.


Concocting coffee while looking after the Environment

Mr. Parry is an advocate of using environment-friendly packaging. He claims to have done a lot of research in order to prepare a biodegradable packaging for his products.

In fact, he is so stern in his beliefs that he claims to buy coffee beans only from suppliers who possess similar love for the environment.

A ‘special edition’ for the place that brought him onto the map

Like many other food businesses in the region, Mr. Parry owes his success to the Llangollen Food Festival, which has been hailed by the Daily Telegraph and Independent as one of the top 10 food festivals in the UK. It attracts hundreds of people from across the region and is, therefore, a great opportunity for publicity for small food businesses such as his.

This year, the event will take place on the 19th and 20th of October. As a gesture of gratitude, Mr. Parry has decided to concoct a special blend that will be exclusively available to the visitors of this year’s festival.

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