How Ambani ’s Spend Their Cash

The well-heeled family of Mukesh Ambani has been topping the list of Asia’s richest family, since forever now. While we love the Ambani family for their dignified aura and esteemed legacy, we also can’t help but burn in envy at the thought of their unending richness.

Despite all factors, taking a peek into Mukesh Ambani’s way of spending the money is a guilty pleasure for sure. If you agree with me, here’s taking you through how they spend all the gallons of cash!


Fortune favors the Ambani family
With nearly US $ 50 Billion, there is hardly anything that the Ambani’s can’t afford. From the second most expensive residential building in the world to the outfits studded with golds and diamonds, they’ve got it all.

The taste of luxury is poured into charity
Although the Ambani family has all the luxury that you and I have never even heard of, their humble attitude towards the masses always stands unshaken. Often, the family is caught on screens, while serving the vulnerable sections of the society.


Whether it is education, health care or poverty, Mukesh Ambani and his family are front-runners when the discussion is about charity. Recently, they donated US $60 million (in 2018) to the rural development department, educational sector and health care service centers. They also organize regular donations through Reliance Foundation and Reliance Industries. Well, the other billionaires surely need to take some inspiration here!

The crown jewel of their real estate holdings
Although the Ambanis have several lavish homes across the world, their skyscraper home in Mumbai, Antilia stands as the crown jewel of their real estate holdings.


The 27-story building that cost US $ 1 billion is literally another world on its own. A massive garden, swimming pool, private home theatre, impeccably large ballrooms, and three helipads are only a few spheres of this 400,000 square feet residence. To top it all, the mansion houses more than 600 full-time staff to maintain the luxurious household.

The family is a sports geek
The Ambani family has an undying fascination for sports. They’ve spent millions in buying expensive star players for the Mumbai Indians cricket team which they had bought at a rate of US $ 111.9 million in the year, 2008.


Each contract that they have invested in has luckily paid off several times in the history of cricket. Team owner of Mumbai Indians, Nita Ambani is a cricket fan herself. She always turns up at cricket tournaments across the globe.

Posh parties are a thing at Antilia
Whether personal or professional victory, the Ambani family never has enough of larger-than-life parties at their Mumbai apartment. Often, a carnival of famous celebrities is spotted outside their home to celebrate auspicious occasions with the family.

Recently, the Ambani’s also hosted a get-together for their IPL team Mumbai Indians as they lifted the trophy of IPL, 2019. No wonder, Mukesh Ambani is famous for hosting extravagant parties in the beauty itself!

The Ambani’s fascination for cars is real
Amidst all of the expensive items on the list, Ambanis have a thing for cars that proves to be another major investment for the family. With the line-up of all the expensive cars parked outside his home, it is hard to imagine how much wealth still retains with Ambani.

Mercedes Maybach660 Guard, BMW760 Li, Bentley Continental Flying Spur, Rolls-Royce Phantom – you name it and they have it! Each car also holds a bulletproof coating to prevent the Ambanis from any detrimental accidents.

Weddings call for all the attention
Ambanis are also famous for hosting luxurious weddings amidst a fleet of celebrities. Recently, when Isha Ambani, the daughter of Mukesh Ambani was married to Anand Piramal, the Ambanis spent about US $ 100 million at the wedding. What was most exciting was Beyonce’s private concert in Mukesh Ambani’s wedding that caught the attention of millions with envy.


Nick Jonas’s presence as Priyanka Chopra’s newly wedded husband was also a head-turner amidst the celebration.

Mukesh Ambani’s wealth is definitely known to people for a reason. They have never shied away from flashing their cash and owning up to their extraordinary lifestyle. Apart from all the envy, let’s hope that this richest family in India continues to invest in noble causes for the 20% of the population that still survives below the poverty line!

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