Foul Playing Religion At BHU

Despite the selection by different members of the departments, for a post and unable to do justice to it could have caused mental damage. Dr. Feroz Khan had been appointed as an assistant professor at  SVDV ( Sanskrit Vidya Dharma Vigyan ) for teaching Sanskrit. He was not allowed to teach by the students, for being a Muslim. The protest was going on in SVDV, BHU, against the same. The students of BHU have started their protest against the Muslim teacher to be appointed as Sanskrit professor. It started way back in November on the 7th. But Khan, as a teacher had stepped forward with great strength by finding more opportunities to it. The protest has made Dr. Feroz Khan to tendering his resignation on Monday ( 09/12/209 ).

Khan has resigned from his post and joined Art’s faculty in another department in BHU on Monday. The resignation came after a month-long protest from students. The protest has wavered the exams and studies of students and the VC decides to postpone the schedule.

It all began because of the mindsets of the generation that a non-Hindu can not teach Sanskrit, the language of Vedas and Puranas. The enmity against a non-Hindu teacher for teaching Sanskrit might not be held objectively. But then, if it had, the results were obvious.

Even the scholars who have selected him, claimed him to be the most qualified candidate for the post. Abusive languages against a man for only being a Muslim do no justice to any religion.

Now, after the protest had ended, there are a few questions that strike every educated man. Was the protest started by the students only, or was there some colleague involved in the plotting? Was it only a protest against a teacher or against a religion?

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