LANGUAGES In addition to the excitement of learning a new thing and being able to communicate in a new language, learning foreign can have immense impact on your career by improving job prospects and in an era of globalization.


So the next step after making up your mind about learning a foreign language is to decide which language to learn. Here are some suggestions to help you choose the perfect language.

  1. French- In addition to being the most learned foreign language in India, French is also taught as a part of the regular school curriculum. LANGUAGES It is one of the best for corporate sector jobs as French is used as an operational language in several MNCs and across a wide range of industries. Additionally French is spoken across five continents and in over 30 countries. It is the second most studied language internationally after English.
  2. German- Though it’s not widely spoken internationally, German is extremely popular in India as it’s the mother tongue of several European countries with job prospects for Indians. German is also taught in more than 500 schools and colleges and German universities also own an excellent international reputation. Also several big German companies offer big job opportunities to Indians who know German.
  3. Spanish- One of the widely spoken across the globe, Spanish is the third popular language in India due to numerous career paths and growing business relationships between India and South and Central America.
  4. Japanese- Due to the flourishing Indo-Japan relationship and Japanese organizations expanding their operations in India, this language has become one of the favorite East Asian in India. As Japanese is slightly difficult to learn, thus competition for job scopes is significantly less for candidates. Also Japanese gets students some of the highest paying jobs in India.
  5. Mandarin Chinese- More than one billion people across the world speaking Mandarin Chinese, it is one of the popular foreign languages in India due to the enormous Chinese market across the world and International companies looking for Chinese-speaking employees. Also competition in this field is significantly less.

In addition to these languages, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic and Korean are some of the popular languages commonly taught and learnt in India.

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