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Thriller Junkies, What you don’t see is scarier than what you do. Categorization is always kind of arbitrary, but people have called ‘Preservation’ a ‘psychological thriller.’ To me, a psychological thriller basically means ‘a horror movie without the blood.’ Christopher Denham

While watching a thriller genre, the thought that often comes to our mind is that what is the difference between a thriller series and suspense.  The Curious Case of the Appeal of Mystery, Thriller, and Suspense, librarian Becky Spratford writes, “A mystery is a story in which a crime is committed and the “whodunit” and why is unknown until the very end. “Bestselling crime author Joel Goldman defines it in a slightly different way, “A mystery is built around a secret and usually asks the question “Who?” Something has already happened – a jewel has been stolen, a person has been murdered ­– and both the reader and hero know about it. The whole novel is dedicated to uncovering who is responsible for that event.” Thrillers are about the push and pull between the protagonist and the antagonist.

Here are the list of series that you must watch if you are a thriller junkie;

Dallas the 1978 version:

The first 1978 form zeroed in on what was the following plot J. R. was incubating, which was ceaseless. At the point when you think he is out like a light, he gets up. The 1980 scene, “Who Done It,” is as yet the second most elevated appraised early evening show in TV history. In 1980 there were 100 million fewer individuals living in the United States.


Breaking Bad

We as a whole know Walter White passed on, correct? That basically finished the Breaking Bad arrangement that really was picking up watchers during the last two scenes. Author Vince Gillian who did an extraordinary after-show meets with cast individuals when the last scene finished up said the show was simply composed to be 5 seasons in length. Those who have watched breaking bad would want to watch it over and over again.


Dexter is the sort of spine chiller that is ethically uncertain, something that has gotten more normal in both TV and film storylines. The reason of a damaged kid who has his psychopathic propensities piped into a channel that gets payback on the most noticeably awful sorts of lawbreakers (this bears a resemblance to Law and Order SVU) found a well-known after, however, it was not reliable from season to prepare.

Bates Motel

This TV arrangement spine-chiller merits an extraordinary, however odd, place on this rundown on the grounds that the finish of the show after 5 seasons was not really because of a show finishing finale but since the organization that circulated the arrangement, A&E said that it would not, at this point be doing initially scripted programming. Despite the fact that the show had lost watchers during season 5, it actually pulled in more than 1.3 million fans.

The Blacklist

The series is as dark as the name suggests. This is a show that may strengthen the generalization introduced in this rundown that in the present current TV period, it is hard to keep a crowd of people intrigued for more than 3 or 4 seasons. The Blacklist has been selected for a few honours, yet had demonstrated a steady decrease in viewership over its 5 seasons. This is one of those series which keeps you guessing why it wasn’t famous after you watch it.

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