First Timers at 71st Republic Day Parade

For 2020’s Republic Day, Brazillian President Jair Messias Bolsonaro is the Chief guest. Indians are celebrating 71st Republic Day with great pomp and show, across the country.

It is celebrated to honour the country to becoming an independent republic as the constitution has come into force on 26th January 1950.

This had happened for the first time that a Prime Minister went to War Memorial instead of Amar Jawan Jyoti. The celebrations started with Prime Minister Narender Modi’s visit to National War Memorial. He paid tribute to the soldiers who had sacrificed their lives for the pride of the country. The programme showcased cultural diversities and progresses at Rajpath.

Jammu and Kashmir had participated for the first time in the parade. It is a Union Territory now. People had high hopes from Jammu and Kashmir. It had shown the cultural heritage of the place. The flora and fauna had been shown highlighting the Kashmiri folk culture.

Uttar Pradesh had shown glimpses of Kashi’s Culture and also the importance of holy Ganga.

Bengal and Kerala were not represented as their ideas were rejected by the centre. Tamil Nadu had showcased statue of Ayyanar deity. It can also be found at the entries of the villages in Tamil Nadu. People believe it protects them from evil forces. It is also known as the guardian deity of the villagers. Tamil Nadu also had shown the folk dances of Tamil Nadu.

ASAT i.e. Anti-Satellite weapons of Mission Shakti and newly introduced Chinook and Apache attack choppers of Air Force have taken the limelight as they have been displayed for the first time during Republic Day celebrations. The latest weapons and systems, like Akash Weapon System, have also been displayed. Akash Weapon System can be used for firing short-range surface to air missile against the enemy aerial platform.

A group of women bikers of CRPF had performed the stunts. It was the first time that a ‘tri-service formation’ had taken part in the Republic Day parade.

There had been many first-timers in the Republic Day parade this year, and they had managed to catch the spectators.

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