First time online classes: Let’s know what the children feel

Online classes, Due to this global pandemic not only parents but students are also stuck at home without any other alternative in their hands. It looks like wings of these children have been cut down. Neither they are allowed to go school nor they can go out to play with their comrades. Due to this lockdown, their studies should not be interrupted, therefore Modi government has decided to run online classes. Following the orders of the authorities many schools have already started online classes. Teachers are leaving no stone unturned to help their students in their studies. They are using apps like Microsoft team, youtube tutorials, WhatsApp for this purpose. Notes and other study materials are also being passed on to children.


India Today’s education team tried to learn from such students how online classes are working. Here are some of the experiences shared by students and their parents about digital learning:

Pattern Of Classes
Students are attending four classes daily and each class is 30 to 40 mins. These classes start from 9 in the morning and end at 12:30 in the night.

A student of class fourth Yaksha told me that first the teachers ask us to download the zoom app, and then we have to log in with id and password, and then we can join the class. He further added that I am enjoying these online classes, because I can watch videos, and teachers are explaining everything in class.

Another student Dimpy Singh (class 5) said that online classes are keeping us busy.
Students are very excited about online classes because they are able to meet their friends through it, and they can talk to them daily. Not only students but their parents are also very happy because now their children are more disciplined and are not spending all their time in front of the television.

Pallavi Mishra’s children are involved in online classes. She says that because of this, children have become disciplined as well as they are studying. To attend morning classes they wake up early and work like a school routine. She also said that they complete their classwork and homework daily.

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Problems faced by students
Most of the students said that there is some problem with internet connectivity. Also one of the students Rudransh Mishra said that classes are good but they don’t get enough time to ask their doubts. Moreover not all students have access to internet services and those who have access to internet facilities have limited data plans. Parents are also working from home so children don’t get laptops, mobiles, tablets, etc attend online classes and not everyone can afford numerous devices for their children.

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