On Sunday morning near the Cyber City, Gurugram, a finance firm executive was on his way to Noida on a Harley Davidson when he was hit by a MUV. The car crashed into the road divider and toppled on to the opposite carriageway. There it collided with the bike. The finance firm executive, Alok Gupta (49) submitted to his injuries during treatment at a private hospital. The MUV was being driven by two youths who were also injured in the accident and the police are still probing if the car was being driven by a minor.

Alok Gupta, the biker and a resident of Gurugram Sector 57 had left home at around 6 am for Noida with a few friends. All of them were travelling on bikes. They had just started on the Golf Course Road to Noida when the car from the side of the Shankar Chowk, crashed into the bike. Rajesh Khangwal, a civil contractor was just 100 meters behind Gupta on another bike. As per his statement, the MUV was speeding and it was evident that the driver had no control over it. It crashed against the road divider, flipped to the other carriageway and clashed with the Harley. Alok had suffered severe and critical injuries due to the clash. Khangwal had called the gurugram police and an ambulance to take the injured biker to some nearby private hospital where he was being treated but could not be saved. Khangwal also said that the two youth driving the car appeared to be teens. The airbags had opened but the door of the car got locked due to the accident. Taking help from other commuters, the two youths were rescued and rushed to a hospital. These youth could be under aged or not eligible to be driving a car without guidance which caused the loss of control and therefore the accident. Gupta’s friend and an entrepreneur Rahul Malik was at a little distance from the accident. It was Rahul Malik who lodged a police complaint. He said that the MUV car flipped 4 to 5 times after crashing into the divider and before hitting the Harley Davidson which was being driven by the deceased finance firm executive.

A case for the same was registered with the DLF Phase 2 Police Station gurugram under the Indian Penal Code’s section 304 (accidental death) and section 279 (rash driving). Till late in the Sunday evening, the police officials could not verify the exact identities of the youths driving the MUV. The Station House Officer (SHO) Aman Kumar said that the body of the deceased biker has been handed over to his family after an autopsy. The MUV Car has been registered in Faridabad and the police officers in charge of the case are still trying to identify the driver, said the SHO. Whether the person driving the MUV was an adult and eligible to drive or was a minor is still doubtful.

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