Few steps to cleanse your lungs and prevent yourself from air pollution

The cases of covid-19 are at an incessant rise, on the other hand, air pollution is not less than hair are few steps through which you can clean your lungs and that also on the basis of Ayurveda. According to an Ayurvedic expert here are few points through which you can prevent yourself from infections and other diseases. The national capital and its adjoining cities are dealing with rising levels of air pollution amidst the covid-19 pandemic pollution and Novel coronavirus both can damage your lungs. Regular detoxification and cleansing of lungs can help get rid of environmental toxins, irritants and other harmful organisms it also helps improve the lung function reduces swelling, inflammation and strengthen your lungs capacity, regular cleansing also helps the mucus from the Airways and promote the circulation of lungs and it can help treat Chronic Bronchitis, asthma, throat infection and prevent bad breath.

1.Ginger tea-  one of the widely used home remedies to cure cough and cold ginger tea for its anti-inflammatory properties ginger tea helps to remove toxins from the respiratory tract it also has vitamins and minerals like potassium magnesium zinc and beta carotene some studies have even been found that Ginger extract and can lung cancer cells that one of the best ways to strengthen your lungs and immunity is by having ginger tea every day you can add ginger in your Masala chai.

2.Cinnamon tea – cinnamon has been used since ages to treat respiratory issues use of common cinnamon dates back to the time with the room is used it to read digestive and respiratory tract issues having cinnamon tea also helps a great deal and cleansing your lungs at a small piece of cinnamon to one glass of water and boil it until the water becomes half of its quantity have lukewarm water you can also add cinnamon to your regular tea.

3.Steam – one of the best therapy is steam therapy is one of the easiest ways to cleanse and lungs in healing vapour open up the air passage and have a long to drain mucus, as Winter comes it good to take him every day for the killing of your congested their passages in healing water vapour can help improve breathing in a short period of time.

4. Gargle with turmeric water-  right before you sleep is another way to Detox your lungs add a Pinch of turmeric to hot water and gargle it turmeric is loaded with an active compound called curcumin which helps in dissolving the mucus it also helps relieve chest congestion and helps in healing properties which kills bacteria and treat cold and cough.

5. Pranayama- practising Pranayama helps clear the mucus in the air passages relieves congestion, reduces bloating and improves the lung function, putting One drop of sesame oil in each nostril after practising Pranayama can double the benefit of the exercise.

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