Although feminism seems to be a pretty new concept rising to popularity and moving masses now, in reality, it is pretty ageless considering inequality against the female gender is ageless.

Feminism arose from years of oppression sometimes outwardly violent, sometimes hidden within layers of subtlety.

Feminism through the years-NewsORB360

According to the study, 5000-8000-year-old Neolithic graves in the Iberian Peninsula to have evidence of gender inequality. This information is disheartening because it proves that the tendency of oppression has been in our genes FEMINISM from the beginning of time. Graves clearly depict gender roles being assigned and women being depicted as critically weaker gender. The graves with arrowheads being depicted are of male and the ones with ceramic are of the other gender. Female graves even depict them getting hurt in hunts which throws light on their mentality.

In early 1990, Gerda Lerner revealed that gender inequality had already been in motion by the 2nd century BCE in middle eastern society.

Feminism through the years-NewsORB360 FEMINISM

It’s not unknown that female authors for a long time wrote anonymously or under male pseudonyms because of the wretched gender roles so that their books could be published and considered worthy. FEMINISM The Bronte sisters, Louisa May Alcott are examples of such renowned authors.

Because of thousand and one reasons of the like, Feminism or the movement of equality came to existence
The Three Waves of Feminism-
Feminism can be divided into three waves depending on their motives, goal, and methods.

Feminism through the years-NewsORB360

The first wave-
The first wave arose in the late 19th FEMINISM century and ended in the early 20th century. This wave dealt with equal voting rights and female suffrage. Although they fought for equal property ownership rights and opposing ownership of women by their husbands too. It ended with partial victory when the 19th Amendment to US Constitution led to equal voting rights provided to women

The second wave of feminism-
The second wave stretches from 1960 to 1990 and focused on equal social and political rights. The fight was against the toxic power structure FEMINISM and gender roles. Betty Friedan and her book The Feminine Mystique played a pivotal role in awakening women against the gender roles that determined women to be homemakers and their womanhood being dependent on the power of having children and catering to a family.

Feminism through the years-NewsORB360

The third wave of feminism-
The third wave arose in early 1990 mainly due to the failure of the second wave. The main ideology of the third wave was to expand the feminist movement beyond white upper-class women and include several races, nationalities, economic and social classes. The aim was to broaden the horizon because the feminist movement was not at the same stage everywhere in the world.

Feminism in India-
The fact that India is predominantly a patriarchal country where women were denied education since recent times makes the flow FEMINISM of feminism stagnant here.

In India specifically, the first wave was in the mid 19th century when female equality in education, culture, and society was claimed for the first time.

After 1915 till independence in 1947, during the second wave, women claimed equality by demanding to fight for freedom alongside men. Leaders like Subhash Chandra Bose and Gandhiji made it possible by including them in the army and movements.

Feminism through the years-NewsORB360

After independence, the third phase was ushered in that mainly focused on equal pay and treatment at the workplace, equality in marriage and society, and right to voice opinions and claim to safety.

Due to strict gender roles and years of severe oppression, feminism has taken a while to spread its roots. Our genes, folklore, upbringing all point towards patriarchy. In unknown ways, favoritism towards male has led to female infanticide, dowry, and superiority of male seep into our society.

It’s still in process and will be till gender inequality is reduced to zero and humans are considered as humans before any gender.

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