Even amidst the global crisis due to COVID-19 outbreak and the Black Lives Matter protests, we have the healing nature that has restored our faith that this is not the end. It doesn’t need a pandemic or such widespread crisis for us to feel hopeless, we might be faced with such incidents in our lives that break our confidence and leave us listless. As we can see nations and communities getting together to restore the old normal, we’re listing some inspirational movies down here which will provide you with hope and resilience.

  • Happy-go-lucky (2008 movies)- For a film with a dose of blind optimism, watch Shally Hawkins shine in Mike Leigh’s raucous comedy as he tracks her escapades around London.  Shally, here, is an irritatingly sunny school teacher who is faced with a professional crisis and personal issues but is relaxed and never stops spreading joy around her.
  • Beasts of the Southern Wild (2012 film)- BehnZeitlin’s tender fable about a wide-eyed girl in this film, is both a social comedy and magical realism. This girl lives in a bayou community of Louisiana with her father and when they’re faced with natural calamities like a flood, they band together to escape the impending doom, survive and rebuild. This film lets you look at life with childlike wonderment.
  • Boyhood (2014 movies)-This coming-of-the-age epic by Richard Linklater was filmed over 12 years and shows the journey of a boy from his school life to college life. This film encompasses growing pains, feelings and emotions around first love and negotiations of the protagonist with his mother. He grows up, matures, recognizes his passion and becomes the man he always wanted to be. This film, through the protagonist, shows us that things do get better.
  • Capernaum (2018 movies)- In Nadine Labaki’s stirring melodrama, a boy from the slums of Beirut runs away from his home and takes refuge with a new family. In a remarkable and unanticipated turn of events, he secures the documentation required for him to escape poverty forever and also sues his parents for neglect. This film will restore your faith in finding justice in a seemingly unjust world.
  • Leave No Trace (2018 film)-In this poignant survivalist saga by Debra Granik, we see a father and daughter, played by Ben Foster and Thomasin McKenzie, wander through the woods living of grids and roots and finally joins a mobile home community working tirelessly to aid others. This film will remind you of the resilience of the human spirit.
  • The Farewell (2019 film)-In this touching comical film by Lulu Wang, we see a writer visiting her grandmother who has just a few months to live. As the diagnosis of the medical condition is kept away from the grandmother, she organizes a family wedding and taking everyone by surprise, she stays in good health. This film inspires you to believe that you can defy all odds and emerge the winner.

So what’s your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!

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