LOCKDOWN Anxiety has been a very major kind of issue which is faced by a lot of many people. The main
problem with this is that the person who is LOCKDOWN dealing with it doesn’t know or wants to share about his or her situation. Social anxiety is one of that kind. But now most of them are dealing with loneliness and the concern for the safety of their loved ones. We’re seeing a new kind of
anxiety which is known as ‘post-lockdown anxiety’.

Recently a famous mental-health charity of UK named ‘Anxiety UK’ has said over the anxiety thing that, “It’s the LOCKDOWN fear or worry of returning to normal life and leaving lockdown. This can develop from many places, the most common we tend to see seems to originate from health worries or a fear of the unknown. It can range from a worry of being in public spaces to a fear of leaving the LOCKDOWN house in general.”

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Though many of them got over from their anxiety stuff and are enjoying this LOCKDOWN period of time by doing so many things which makes us happy. Those all are enjoying with having more time for sleep, more time to think on themselves, reading, exploring their abilities and skills, and much more. But what after the lockdown? Will, there be a permanent change in their thoughts and fear of those anxieties or will they be again in those things? These are the most important question that every person facing those stuff asks to themselves.

Well, there are so many theories and practical ways by which LOCKDOWN one can definitely overcome these problematic things. As this matter has become a global issue, so many positive mindset people have come up to giver their ways and ideas to deal with that stuff. And why not, everyone desires to stay happy and tension free.

The following can be things through which you can really LOCKDOWN deal with the anxiety.

1. Make yourself certain and determine yourself for things you want to:-
Anxiety is uncertain and can happen for many reasons LOCKDOWN. To deal with it, you should have a good strategy on how to focus on your thoughts in the form of a question. You can put yourself in the theoretical situations which will be much easier to have the logic and finding your way out of it.

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2. Meditation and Breathing
Meditation has played a very major role since a long period LOCKDOWN of time in fixing mental health issues. Many people share their own personal experience that how they defeated the anxiety with this. Similarly, breathing also. Whenever something gets over your mind, just pause yourself for a moment and take a deep breath and exhale. Do that for some time and it’ll really make you comfortable.

3. Having proper sleep
Having adequate sleep keeps our mind stress free and healthy. LOCKDOWN It cuts off the unwanted things from our mind which ultimately results in keeping our mind calmer.

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4. Exercise
Exercise, particularly for anxiety disorders is a very good thing. A LOCKDOWN lot of people with anxiety and disorders are afraid of exercise because their heart rate picks up and their breathing gets out of control. But if they learn how to exercise in a controlled way then it can have a great effect. Exercising for three to five days a week, 30 to 40 minutes can be helpful.

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