RIDICULOUS LAWSUITS FILED AGAINST CELEBRITIES, just like roses have thorns, fame has controversies. Among a number of unwanted elements that come free with fame, we have lawsuits. From defamation to breach of contract, we get to hear a number of charges brought against celebrities on a daily basis. However, a number of lawsuits filed against stars are crazy as well as unbelievable. Here are some of the most insane and hilarious lawsuits filed against celebs.

  1. Dark Magic of Queen Beyonce In late 2018, the former drummer of this singer and actress, Kimberley Thompson, who had worked for Queen Bey for 7 years, filed a restraint order claiming that the celebrity used “Magic spells of sexual molestation” and “Extreme witchcraft, Dark Magic”. She accused Queen Bey of murdering her pet kitten, making her lose jobs and money, stealing her property and hard drives and tapping her phone. A judge finally denied her request for restraint.
  • The Chicken Thief and Mila Kunis- lawsuits, A woman called Kristen Karo sued Kunis for stealing her chicken when they were kids and claimed $5000 for cover therapy sessions that she needed due to the loss of her pet. The suit, interestingly, came at a time when Kunis was making it to the bigger industry as a singer. After the buzz, Karo dropped the suit and revealed that her decision was taken after her therapist asked her to forgive.
  • The stolen shoes and Simon Cowell- A woman had alleged against this celebrity judge and television personality that her shoes with $500 insoles, had gone missing when she went to his house to attend an interview for the position of in-house chef. She sued Cowell for her shoes and the gas money that it took to commute. Surprisingly, her shoes were magically returned soon after.
  • A super creative pitch for a miniseries at the Disney- If you’re wondering how far can out-of-the-box pitching can go, you need to know this case of a homeless woman in Los Angeles who sued a number of stars Amanda Bynes, Halle Berry, Armie Hammer and others along with the movie studio just to get all of the actors together in one court-room so that she could pitch her original Civil War romance miniseries to them. How creative!
  • The mistaken identity of Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow- lawsuits, The ex-husband of Gwyneth Paltrow is Chris Martin whose namesake sought a restraining order and $10 million against her. The man claimed that Paltrow and the owner of L.A. Clippers, Donald Sterling were lovers and Paltrow received $500,000 a month so that they could breed a blonde, tall, blue-eyed offspring. In an apparent case of mistaken identity, Sterling threatened the man and he claimed to be the innocent victim. He sought $10 million for treatment of the trauma that he underwent.
  • A jailed Lyrics Guru and Jay-Z- A Florida man, Jeffrey Philistin claimed that he mailed the song lyrics of Jay-Z from jail and the rapper never paid him the promised amount for teaching him how to write lyrics. The man claimed $90 million in damages!

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