Export Industry is taking new turns with companies like Wisidex Impex Private Limited

Wisidex Impex Private Limited
Varun Singh Tikary, Wisidex Impex Pvt Ltd. Gurgaon

Every business aspires to soar new heights instantly but not all of them can bring this dream come true. Wisidex Impex Private Limited with its extraordinary business model has earned an established name in the market. 

Varun Singh Tikary. Gurgaon. Angel Investor

Breaking the stereotype

Wisidex Impex Private Limited is an international export company which is owned by the Founder and CEO Varun Singh Tikari. The company provides export services in various sectors namely automobile spares and Surgical products that are highly demanded in the industry currently. Although it has recently introduced itself to the business world, the company is surely desirous of earning its place in every client’s heart. 

Wisidex Impex Private Limited
Wisidex Impex Pvt. Ltd. IceGate Recognised Compay.

Above all, Wisidex Impex Private Limited is the only company that offers real-time tracking of company investment. The firm also houses some of the finest team members who are extremely stringent about their performance.

It was only last month that this amazing team managed to achieve an export turnover of approximately 3 Crore.

Having done that, the team now aspires to explore its efforts furthermore and accomplish a turnover of nearly 50 Crores at the earliest. 

Safe investments, safe life 

There are numerous reasons why it is fair to say that the organization is perfect for safe investments. They offer immediate refunds to people who require it after six months. All the company’s export investments can be tracked on a government website for absolute reliability. The company contains a highly efficient security system to safeguard investments and keep a track of it.  

Varun Singh Tikary. Owner’s Achievement Till Date.

They dream big

Within the next three years, Wisidex plans to launch an IPO. Since they regard their investors so much, the team is looking forward to transforming them into their stakeholders too. With such incredible dreams, it’s almost hard to ignore this unmatched talent!

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