COVID-19 has havocked chaos all around the world. Being under lockdown and maintaining social distancing is very important. But what is more important is staying aware and we’ll informed about the situation. Currently worldwide 5 million have been affected by the novel Coronavirus. Along with the facts that many have lost their lives, what needs to be noted is that almost 2 million have recovered fully from it.

Know about recovery from COVID-19-NewsORB360

The basic symptoms include fever and cough with shortness of breath. Symptoms like sore throat, body ache, weakness can also be expected. The cough is generally dry in nature but eventually as the infection increases COVID the patient may cough up mucus with dead lung cells because the lungs and respiratory system are primarily affected by Coronavirus.

The infection may vary from person to person and that changes the amount of time required for recovery.

Know about recovery from COVID-19-NewsORB360

Mildly Infected-
If the patient is mildly infected, the symptoms would mainly be cough and fever. Loss of taste and smell, chills, headaches, and a sore throat can be among the symptoms too, according to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. They can be expected to recover in 2-3 weeks with adequate rest, fluids, COVID and medicine. The only way to be sure of recovery is to be fever less for a minimum of three days without any fever reduction medicine. If sickness is within this limit, treatment at home is enough. Although recovery does not mean being back to normal. Being completely normal may require a longer period because it takes a toll on health and a constant lethargy and even cough can be expected even after being Coronavirus free.

Know about recovery from COVID-19-NewsORB360

Highly infected-
If the symptoms are more severe and if within ten days of infection, breathing becomes gradually more difficult and lungs inflate, COVID admission to hospital would be needed for a steady supply of oxygen.

In such a situation, recovery may take from min 3 weeks to a maximum of 6-8 weeks with a lingering tiredness, according to WHO.

GP Sarah Jarvis says: “The shortness of breath may take some considerable time to improve… the body is getting over scarring and inflammation.”
While trying to fight the virus, our immunity may take a hit which could increase the weakness.

Know about recovery from COVID-19-NewsORB360

Severely infected-
Few may be so severely infected that breathing physically could be challenging and may require intensive care and even ventilation. Such a patient might need 12 to even 18 months for recovery.

Some points to be noted-
Illness and symptoms may vary from person to person.

  • Recovery too differs from person to person considering their age, immunity, and other diseases that they may already suffer from.
  • Symptoms are not regular and it COVID may fluctuate. One day the patient might feel better and the next day the condition could severely deteriorate or improve.
  • The weakness and damage to immunity may linger for a long time after recovery and rest are necessary for all.
  • The expected period of recovery is considered COVID valid only after the patient shows symptoms because often the infected show symptoms after a considerable period of up to 14 days.
  • Muscle loss is expected due to hospitalization and may take the patient weeks before he gains the lost muscle.
  • PTSD and delirium can also be expected from being under treatment for a long time and weakness.
  • Although no long term effect is COVID detected as yet, Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome may develop in patients and cause lung damaged because of the strong hit to the immunity system.
  • In present times, one should not ignore the social distancing. With self-hygiene and an informed mind, we can be brave enough for an ordeal.

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