World Health Organization ESTONIA had published guidelines for managing public health and social distancing norms for the new phase of the COVID 19 crisis. Although not confirmed if the antibody against Coronavirus acted as an immunity or prevents reinfection, it had been suggested that immunity passports could be created which would ensure maximum safety in restarting the world from the scratch after the long lockdown in most countries.

Estonia happens to be the first country to have ESTONIA started testing this digital form of safety, that is, the immunity passport.

This northern European country has organized a “Back to Work”, nongovernment organization to develop the immunity card and ensure safety. This team includes founders of global tech startups Transferwise and Bolt. This passport collects testing data and allows the person to share their immunity status with, for example, their employer using a temporary QR code which is produced only after digital authentication.

Testing of the immunity passports-NewsORB360 ESTONIA

Taavet Hinrikus, founder of Transferwise said, “Digital immunity passport aims to diminish fears and stimulate societies ESTONIA all over the globe to move on with their lives amidst the pandemic.”

Many other countries and companies are on their way to finding measures to ensure a safe return to work and restarting of the system.

“Back to Work” has also inspired Radisson ESTONIA Hotels and PRFoods food producers to seek out the use of immunity passports to ensure the needed safety.

“We are seeking every solution to have our employees back to work and clients sleeping in our hotels again,” said Kaido Ojaperv, CEO of Radisson Blu Sky Hotel at Tallinn.

Testing of the immunity passports-NewsORB360 ESTONIA

Estonia has begun loosening their lockdown measures and has allowed travel between Lithuania and Latvia, the first “travel bubble”.

Estonia, as of this moment has 1794 COVID-19 cases with ESTONIA 64 deaths and has successfully set an example in testing the immunity passports and taking a new step towards a new, safer, and healthier world.

The fact that ESTONIA Coronavirus would change the scenario of the world for a long time, maybe even permanently was a thought that occurred to most of us. Immunity passports are probably the first step in ushering of the safer world with wider safety precautions.

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