ESCAPIST SHOWS, Under the current situation, packing your suitcase is far from reality and visiting the nearest grocery store might be the only ‘travel’ that you’re allowed to undertake. For extroverts and highly social people as well as travel freaks, this might be the hardest time of their lives. But no worries! With global streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Videos and Netflix, hours of quality watch-hours are at your disposal and you are free to explore a foreign culture all the while doing your dishes. As you enjoy the pollution-free skies from home, here are some escapist shows on web platforms that you can binge-watch.

  1. Elite- Exploding across the Spanish-speakers, Elite explores the intertwined and messy lives of a group of teenage students from an exclusive high school in the suburbs of some city in Spain. Running into its third season and with two sequels announced, Elite is a sexually fluid cocktail of real-life issues and tensions of the teenage. The brilliant young cast, many appearing in another Spanish hit on Netflix, Money Heist, has become a type of Spanish pack of brats.
  • Sky Castle One of the highest-rated shows in the television history of Korea, this 21-episode series presents an inside view into the life of South Korea’s wealthiest families. Sky Castle presents to us, stories of how private education, success and entrance tests are perceived in the upper-class strata. This webs series is about the obsession of four housewives over the future of their children presented through a lavish, culture-soaked and true-to-life portrayal. This show is perfect as a dramatic weekend binge that combines dark comedy with an ensemble cast.
  • Beat- This series opens with a sweaty club promoter, wild-eyed Robert “Beat” Schlag (played by Jannis Niewohner) staggering through the industrial Berlin. Even before the dialogue started, this man drops a pill, skips the queue to a pumping techno club, dance in the strobe light, and kiss a lady passionately and then a man and we can see graphics telling us that it is 7:34 am at Club Sonar. The story revolves around the infamous Berlin nightclubs and a series of gruesome murders inside and around the club. It also speaks about Beat being pressurized to be an undercover agent for the police. This story stands out in the real-life scenes from nightclubs.
  • Samurai Gourmet- Wonderfully unconventional, Samurai Gourmet is actually a show about food- not a documentary or travelogue- this show is a comedy with the gentle script. Tenderest narratives coupled up with food porn, this show is about Takeshi Kasumi who is a retired businessman who fills his free time with remembering past adventures, pottering around, drinking and eating.
  • Home for Christmas- A Norwegian Christmas rom-com series, Home for Christmas is perfect for viewing in the pandemic, even in the middle of summer. This story revolves around a 30-year old single nurse who has to take home a date within 24 days. Though each episode is only 30 minutes, it gives the rom-com feel.

So which one is your favorite? Tell us on the comments below.

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