Donald Trump, Environmental policies are soon going to be one of the major issues to be considered by the citizens of America while voting for its President. As per a recent survey, two-thirds of the registered voters were in favour of a carbon tax in an effort to combat the ever-increasing global warming. Keeping in mind the increasing concerns of the general public regarding global warming and derogative climatic changes, the presidential candidates of the 2020 elections, Joe Biden from the Democratic Party and Donald Trump, from the Republican Party and the current U.S. President, have offered different ideas to the voters to limit pollution, tackle climate change and save the endangered plant and animal species. The Trump administration had withdrawn from the Paris climate accord and rolled back a number of coal regulations. Here’s what the two presidential nominees promise to the voters-

Donald Trump’s Plans-

  • Trump has finalized the plan to drill into the Wildlife refuge of the Arctic- Trump has finalized the opening of part of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to the drilling of gas and oil very soon. The Interior Department expects to start off auctioning leases by the end of 2021 to companies interested in drilling in the Alaskan region which is also full of biodiversity.
  • Trump Administration rolled back rules of Methane Emissions- As per the announcement by the Environmental Protection Agency, oil and gas companies would no longer require to limit or even monitor the methane leaks of their operations. According to the NPR reports, the environmental advocates have already planned to challenge the new rules that roll back the policy of 2016 brought about by President Barack Obama. Methane is considered to have a far more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide.

Joe Biden’s Plans-

  • Joe Biden opposes uranium mining in the Grand Canyon- In a statement given to The Arizona Republic, Biden opposed uranium mining in the areas of the Grand Canyon. Uranium mining in that region has been a grave cause of concern as decades of mining have threatened the ancestral lands of the Native Americans and poisoned the groundwater supplies. President Obama had placed a 20-year moratorium in 2012 on new mines in the Grand Canyon Area but the environmental groups are seeking to stop the reopening of the mines that had existed before the passage of the moratorium.
  • Biden has announced a climate plan worth $2 trillion- Presumptive presidential nominee from the Democratic Party, Joe Biden has released a plan to combat climate change that is worth $2 trillion. According to the reports of the Associated Press, the climate plans of the former vice-president include the elimination of pollution caused by fossil fuels from the power plants of the U.S. by 2035. He also aims to update the infrastructure in the U.S. to improve energy efficiency and address the environmental injustice by providing security to the communities that are exposed to pollution the most. However, this plan does not call for a complete ban on fracking or coal.

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