Enola Holmes is the recent Netflix sensation that has left people waiting hungrily for September 23rd

Sometimes when life seems to be going down the hill, little things can legit make life colourful again. The trailer of Enola Holmes did exactly that. Starring the Stranger Things star, Millie Bobby Brown, this movie will premiere on 23rd September and the wait is painful.

In the trailer, we find the perfect mother-daughter chemistry between Millie Bobby Brown and Helena Bonham Carter who plays the part of Eudora Holmes, mother of the Sherlocks. Eudora names her daughter Enola which spells out ‘alone’ backwards but ironically she is never alone. Unlike other mothers of the age, Eudora taught her nothing ‘ladylike’ and everything untraditional and exciting. This exact reason made their mother-daughter such precious and beautiful.

But fate takes a drastic turn when on her 6th birthday, Enola finds her mother gone with a plethora of puzzles left behind for her to solve. This brings us to the next to bring the excitement of this 2020 movie.

Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes. After Benedict Cumberbatch and Robert Downy Junior winning our hearts as Sherlock Holmes, we now come across Henry Cavill as Sherlock. The curly-haired handsome hunk who won our hearts as Superman and Geralt of Rivia will once again steal our hearts with his intellect and brotherly instincts as Sherlock Holmes. Sam Claflin will play another brother of the Holmes family, Mycroft Holmes. After Eudora Holmes goes missing, either deliberately or accidentally, Enola is now under the care of her brothers, genius Sherlock and Mycroft.

The only massive difference that is detected in her lifestyle is the ladylike manners that are evidently missing from Enola’s upbringing. In an amusing scene, Mycroft enquires of Enola of the lack of gloves on her hands and hat on head. Her answer, true to her nature and family name, is scathing, bold but not disrespectful. The movie must a hold a deep meaning to Netflix they released the trailer while lawsuit for the movie is already ongoing.

Thus begins Enola’s journey of transformation into a lady, under the guardianship of both her brothers. And they are not subtle about the requisites that Enola must qualify to be called a ‘lady’. While this training is going on, it makes her very defensive of the restraints that are put on her which she clearly doesn’t want to follow because it subconsciously it feels as if her freedom is that stake. Enola also focuses on decrypting the puzzles that her mother has left behind for her to solve, hoping that it holds the key to the secret to her mother’s whereabouts, instead of focusing and finishing school as her brothers hoping she would.

The film is based on the detective novel series called The Enola Holmes Mysteries by Nancy Springer which springs the stories with the world-famous detective Sherlock Holmes’s sister Enola at the heart and centre of the stories. Set in 1884, Enola being carefree, free-spirited happy and boundless is what is making her brothers put a leash on her that she must escape.

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