HEALTH The outbreak of COVID-19 is unlikely to disappear in the immediate future hence we must habituate ourselves with Social Distancing, hygiene, and sanitation methods. Amidst all odd circumstances, there is one sector of the economy upon which the entire liability is likely to belie for fighting the battle of infectious disease and it is the Health Sector.

India has a low Health infrastructure and insufficient ambitious health specialist due to which it lagged far behind from Developed countries like the USA, China UK, and from some developing countries too in terms of providing better health facilities to its citizens. Improper health equipment and medicinal facility imposed great concern regarding the consequences of the battle. Besides the aforementioned basic shortcomings, there are mainly two emerging challenges that are being faced by the existing health system. One is the Attitude of Private stakeholders in the health system and the other is the negligence of other serious diseases in the wake of the Corona outbreak.

Initially, the government has taken the entire responsibility of testing and caregiving for all COVID-19 cases, but after anticipating the upsurge in positive cases Government gives a clarion call to private hospitals to be in the front line. This gave them a significant opportunity for profiteering which further enhance the exploitation of low-income holders, which definitely put a question mark on government obligation to National Health Mission objectives ultimately. Another challenge is related to the negligence of other serious diseases prevalent in our country like – Tuberculosis, Cancer, and many others.

India has an estimation of 1.6 million cases of cancer per year. It is also able to manage the highest rank in cases of TV, also possess the highest number of death among all existing disease per year. It was unfortunate when COVID-19 cases were unceremoniously increasing all general and private hospitals were ordered to hand over 80% of their beds for infectious patients which put other patients in the state of oblivion even more than COVID-19. The percentage of deaths caused by Corona is 3% among Indian population and about 80% of confirmed cases have recovered without any serious complications but even one life matters and it has potential to kill so indeed it needs precaution and hospitalization at the considerable amount but not necessarily by ignoring other serious diseases that India was likely to fight for many decades.

The upshot of the discourse is far from the insurmountability of the situation. It is indeed possible to establish a Balanced power approach among different stakeholders and coping with a different serious disease by using policy bases instruction to institutionalize the health system and making it poor oriented. The utilization of the health package of RS. 2.1 lakh crore in an effective and agile manner in strengthening the health infrastructure, Providing laboratory services, and supply chain management of necessary health equipment is the requisite steps. The only way in which #Indiashouldfightcorona.

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