Elon Musk leaves social media in confusion as he announces ‘offline’ on Twitter

The SpaceX CEO Elon Musk announced his decision of going offline from Twitter with the help of a tweet, two days ago. This unexpected decision of Musk has left social media flooding with memes and jokes speculating the possible cause of his temporary ‘break’.

This is eccentric considering the fact that he is very active on social media and has also attracted a number of controversies because of his tweets.

Shock or surprise?

This decision evoked volumes of funny reactions from users all around the world. Some users joked that he may have reached Mars and got blocked from the Internet while some users voiced serious concerns about his well-being.

The tech billionaire’s choice was mocked by Twitter users. One user wrote, “It’s because there is no Wi-Fi on Mars” to which another user replied that “it makes sense”.


Elon Musk is currently occupied with developing a rocket that has the capability to take people to the Moon and Mars. The tech tycoon, who has giant follower base of 28.8 million on Twitter, has expressed his desire of travelling to the Red Planet himself one day on countless occasions.

“Hope everything’s okay” a user tweeted.

“Enjoy your well-deserved downtime” wrote another user.

Another user tweeted, “Calm before the storm? Or brain storm before the hurricane?”

A part of the process

According to a Business Insider report, Musk frequently switches to new cellular devices and ravages old ones for security reasons.  The old phones are wiped clean, imaged, and stashed or destroyed. This document was a part of the litigation proposed by the British diver Vernon Unsworth against Elon Musk alleging defamation after the SpaceX CEO had referred to him as a “pedo guy” in a tweet last year.

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