Amidst the corona pandemic, the fear of a new epidemic emerges, the Ebola epidemic which happened 2 years ago in central Africa but has emerged again. I guess corona called its backup, a very fatal backup. Ebola is more deadly than the COVID-19 virus with an average
the fatality rate of 50% compared to the COVID 19 having a fatality rate of 1-2%.

Recently the Democratic Republic of the Congo reported the Ebola outbreak in their country and saying that it has entered a new phase after a case of the fatal virus was detected in the northwest city of Mbandaka EBOLA which is inhabited by millions of people. It said the first case in an
urban city escalates the epidemic to a new level and hence it had to be reported to the United Nations Health Organization to hold a special emergency committee on Friday for preventing the spread of the virus to other countries which could be deadly.

On Thursday the country’s ministry of health reported 11 new confirmed cases and two deaths in a rural area Bikoro which is about 150 km from Mbandakara. This accumulates to a total of
45 cases which include 14 confirmed cases, 10 suspected and 21 probable cases which show symptoms but the doctors aren’t sure. The deaths have been reported mostly in rural areas making it easier for the authorities to locate the virus and keep it isolated in the area. The WHO’S health committee would decide whether a public health emergency be declared which would lead to other EBOLA countries involving in the situation for research and for resources.

The country has started deploying the experimental vaccine in the area because of the increase
in risk in Mbandaka. The city is located on the banks of the Congo River and is a major hub for trade which could lead to the spread of the virus. It’s been said that around 300 people have come under direct contact or indirect contact with the people who have already been affected by the virus. EBOLA The people living in the city have started panicking worrying about their health and have started migrating from the city.

The vaccine deployed is not still approved but it was effective during the trials in west Africa which killed 11,300 people in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. The WHO is doing its best to control the virus. They are sending health workers and the vaccine to DRC in huge numbers. EBOLA They recently also sent 300 body bags for safe burial of people after their death so that it does not spread further in the community. With the corona pandemic already present it is suspected that the health system will start to break through the lack of transport infrastructure will slow the spread of the disease but if it reaches the city of Kinshasa then the disease will get uncontrollable.

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