In the Potterverse, Draco Malfoy, formidable rival of the protagonist Harry Potter, is a real bad boy and takes huge pride in being a pureblood, hence sorted in house Slytherin which has been famous for turning out dark and cunning wizards and witches since time immemorial. Played by Tom Felton, Draco is prodigious, arrogant, boastful, pressurized, cunning and stupid at times. However, Draco is also the heartthrob of girls even now. Emma Watson who played Hermione Granger also admitted to having a huge crush on him when the actors were little.

Formerly known as the Pottermore, the official wizarding world site is very popular among Potterheads. It lets you take quizzes and determine your house based on the sole decision of the sorting hat. Tom Felton recently took one of these tests to determine which house he belongs to.


Felton was so fascinated by his character that the name on his wizarding world passport read Draco Malfoy and not Tom Felton. He was quite confident that he’ll be sorted into Slytherin either way. Alas, the sorting hat declared that he is a prodigy of house Hufflepuff.

House Hufflepuff values morals like loyalty, hard work, fair play and dedication and turned out
outstanding wizards and witches like Cedric Diggory and Nymphadora Tonks. Tom wasn’t amused and called it “a sad day”.

Fans have been sharing Felton’s post and commenting upon his fate in the sorting. Tom also shared a picture of him making soup with Potter-themed mittens, making all the fans go gaga over this sweet gesture. Whether a Slytherin or a Hufflepuff, he’s appreciated and admired by potterheads unconditionally.

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