Donald Trump a major step with suspension of H1-B visas for the rest of 2020. This step was taken by the US Government to ensure a ‘merit based’ immigration system. Although this declaration of banning visas was not any country based, India will be worst hit by the ban as 70% of immigrants in United States are Indians.

People who were to begin working on the basis of H-1 visa or L-I visa or the spouses of these individuals who were to transfer to US on the grounds of H-4 visa but do not have any valid visa so far will have to wait till the next year as these particular visas have been banned till the end of 2020. This declaration will be implemented from 24th of June.

The new ban will be implemented on new visas, meaning, the foreign nationals who already hold valid visas, or any other travel document of the United States and are stuck elsewhere due to the ongoing pandemic that has resulted in international airports being shut down, can safely return to the United States after the lockdown.

Impact on students:
Donald Trump a major step with suspension of H1-B visas, According to what was told to the Times of India by Snehal Batra, managing attorney at NPZ law group, the visa will not affect the students who are already in the US or hold the status of H-1 cap. She said, “Since they are already in the US, many students on Optional Practical Training (OPT) should not have a problem with a change of status to H-1B. We strongly advise against them leaving the US under these circumstances because then they would most likely be subject to the Trump’s proclamation and suspension of entry into the US.”

Regarding people awaiting intra-company transfer on L-I visas, Snehal Batra said to Times of India, “L-I visa applicants are not directly competing with the US work force as they are foreign executives, managers or specialized knowledge employees of global and international organizations being transferred to the related US entity. It does not make sense to suspend their entry.” She further added.

“In fact, US employers with foreign affiliates should be able to transfer key personnel to compete in the global market place. This no doubt would help US businesses in their recovery efforts. Moreover, it is illogical to suspend L-1 visas for ‘new office’ situation because these start-ups are investing large sums of money and creating jobs for US workers”

Who will be worst hit?
Indians account for more than 85,000 lottery visas that are generated in US annually which would be approximately 74% of the total immigrants to US on H1-B visas.

There are US companies that sponsor these H1-B visas and introduce these personnel to other companies once they have settled in US. Their entire business is based on these foreigners seeking H1-B visas. IT sectors in India faces another blow with this ban on H1-B visas. According to some surveys about three to four lakhs H1-B visa holders are employed by IT companies like Wipro, Infosys, and TCS etc.

What is the purpose of this freeze?
Like in any other part of the world, US is in desperate need of new jobs. Freezing the visas would ensure prevention of jobs been taken up by immigrants. 5,25,000 jobs would be opened up by this propaganda called ‘America-first recovery’.

The number of unemployment in the US has risen considerably due to the pandemic and this is a method for recovery and production of jobs in the US. Trump who will be at the face of re election again will need this positive surge in the country to ensure his victory.

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