Documentaries You Should Watch

A lot of times, we tend to get bored of tv series, and well, it is understandable because many of them take a lot of commitment to sit through. So, you could re-watch your favourite episode from your favourite show, or a movie that you really like; or, you could watch a really cool documentary and sound really smart or really interesting at parties. Here are some really great documentaries you can watch (some will require hogging your friend’s Netflix or Amazon account, others, not so much)-

Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened- This film tells us the story of The Fyre Festival, an event that was made to sound like it was the greatest thing mankind would ever see, but ended up being a colossal failure caused by the obscene overconfidence and lack of planning. You are in for a wild ride, give this one a chance. You can watch ‘Fyre; The Greatest Party That Never Happened’ on Netflix.

Behind Closed Doors- Behind Closed Doors tells the story of 3 women who were victims of domestic abuse, starting at the moment they made the call. It goes into the intricacies of the complex emotions the women felt and the difficulties faced by the police when they are misled during the investigation. You can stream ‘Behind Closed Doors’ on Amazon Prime Video.

Knock Down The House- The film follows the journey of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Amy Vilela, Cori Bush and Paula Jean Swearengin, and their race for Congress in 2018. It is an empowering film and you can watch it on YouTube.

True Crime Story: Dangerous Company (Crime Documentary) Real Stories- This documentary explores the lives of international drug peddlers in Kentucky. It follows an ex-undercover narc who illegally sells drugs from busts, but when that doesn’t work out too well, starts smuggling drugs. This film too, is available on YouTube.

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