Do the UFO videos confirm the existence of aliens?

The US Navy has declassified and shared three videos featuring Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) captured by Navy pilots many years ago. The videos were declassified and released on request under the American Freedom of Information Act, which is similar to the Indian Right to Information Act in its essence. These videos had previously been leaked without permission, and were viewed skeptically at the time, but have now been verified by the Navy.


Commander David Fravor, one of the pilots who captured the videos, denied that any human could survive the acceleration demonstrated by the UFOs, as an acceleration of that magnitude would cause a broken bone, burst blood vessels and displace organs from their locations, most likely killing a human pilot due to excessive G-forces. So, does this confirm the existence of aliens?


That is indeed a popular theory, but there are more realistic alternatives. Theoretically, if the craft’s outer shell contained a gas-filled cavity free to vibrate due to microwave emitters, the G-forces experienced by a potential human pilot could be reduced significantly by generating gravity waves.UFO Interestingly, the US Navy patented this very design in 2016. The United States, having the world’s largest defense research budget (currently a whopping $107 billion), has been suspected to spend a lot of money and resources towards developing new technology and aircraft, UFO among other things. So the most likely explanation here is that the USA Navy pilots encountered prototype aircraft being test-driven (or test flown, more accurately) by some other branch of the Armed Forces.


Even if you do see a string of flashing lights in the light sky, they can likely be attributed to the hundreds of SpaceX satellites in orbit. Elon Musk launched a new batch of satellites on the 22nd of April, as part of SpaceX’s ‘Starlink Initiative’ which aims to provide internet access even to the most remote regions of the planet. Along with many people claiming to have seen ‘UFOs’ or ‘a string of pearls’ in the night sky, astronomers have been complaining about their low altitude of flight which can potentially affect observations and readings taken from Earth.

Regardless, the amount of buzz these ‘sightings’ have created around the world has been a welcome distraction from the sheer amount of negativity in the world today, with more and more curious people looking towards the skies with the hope of finding something new.

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